“Wow I have just started your Element Of Desire booklet and man it’s powerful! I’m only on the first step and have had to pause and pace myself as I’m feeling lots of old patterns come up to be processed and rewritten. I’m noticing all this resistance that I didn’t even know I was carrying. Pushing through the barriers, I will become the ultimate desired goddess.”

“Omg Asti, I’ve just started your Element Of Desire guide and my mind is blown. You’ve articulated everything so well, its like you’re speaking directly to me and explaining things about myself I never knew existed. This sh*t is so powerful. Thank you for providing me with this life changing guide.” 

“I have to thank you so much. I’ve been going through your guide for a week now (taking my time, there is a lot to digest). I am really feeling it have an impact on my life and the way I’m showing up. I did the 4th practice with my husband yesterday and we ended up having the most delicious sex. Thank you again Asti.” 

It’s time!

Step into the most desirable version of yourself. 

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Hi I’m Asti

I turn high-achieving women into sensual and desirable goddesses so they can manifest confidence, desirability, passion and a turn-on for life!

I’ve spent the last 8 years on a journey of sexual liberation and personal empowerment in search for something ‘more’, more passion, more pleasure, more power and more fulfilment. I dreamed of becoming a woman who validated her own beauty, who knew her worth, who stood up for herself, who took up space, who radiated from her own pleasure. I desired a deeply compassionate, loving connection to myself and the world around me, and I found it.

From delving into the dark and mysterious, taboo world of stripping and becoming one of Australia’s leading showgirls to diving into the world of the ancient sexual and spiritual arts, practising pussy worship rituals and dancing naked in the Mexican jungle.

Using a combination of spiritual practices and logic modern psychology, I have now made it my mission to empower other woman to live to their full potential by building thriving relationships, upgrading their sense of self worth, expanding in business, aligning with and manifesting all of their greatest desires and claiming back their sexual power.

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