The Jade egg – All you need to know

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Hey lovers! I’ve been getting many questions about the Jade Egg so I thought I would write up a little introduction and give you the low down of the magical practice that is so dear to my heart.

The Jade egg originates from the Taoist tradition of ancient China and has been practised for more than 5000 years. Taoism is a mystical and spiritual tradition from China that has its roots around 400 BC. The ancient Taoists practiced Jade egg believing if they gave loving, conscious awareness to their vaginas and the muscles in their pelvic floor they would live longer, happier, healthier and more vibrant lives. They also viewed sexuality, pleasure and orgasm as the most profound way to find ‘god’, and reach higher states of consciousness.

We are all lucky enough to have access to the gifts these beautiful little treasures have to offer, however in the beginning the practise was a guarded secret of Chinese royalty and a select few Taoist practitioners.

In western society, we have been greatly influenced by Christian religion and beliefs. This is why the Jade egg, although been around for thousands of years, is only just becoming known to us now. Christianity was a huge influencer and key to the great divide between sexuality and spirituality in our culture. For so long have been conditioned against feeling into our bodies and our pussies. We go through our day to day lives disconnected to their greatness, neglecting them, their deep wisdom and intuition. They become stagnant, numb, shutdown and quite frankly, not very happy.

But not any more. We’re bringing sexy back! It’s a pussy revolution baby!

Jade is traditionally used as it’s very hard, smooth and non porous, making it more hygienic than other crystals. Jade is called the “Dream Stone”, the stone of longevity, health, and well-being. Jade transmutes negativity, instills resourcefulness, confidence and self-reliance. The beauty of the jade egg is you are putting a masculine energy into the most feminine part of you. On an energetic level, there is a magical marriage of the masculine and feminine happening which balances the environment of the vagina and clears any stagnant, unwanted or unbalanced energies giving you a happy, healthy and thriving pussy!

A more logical way to look at this practice is to think of what would happen if you went to the gym five times a week and worked on one bicep. That’s right, the more time and energy you put into loving and caring for one muscle the bigger, stronger, healthier and more vibrant it becomes. Now imagine what juicy, deliciousness you could create putting all of this energy into your vagina.

The weight of the Jade egg naturally brings the awareness from our over worked minds and back home into our bodies and our pussies. Rebuilding this relationship with our vaginas allows us to tap into our sexual life force energy and create a deep sense of self love which affects our capacity to shine our light into the world. Ultimately the Jade Egg is a women’s secret weapon for all round personal greatness.

Is it safe? Yes! As long as it’s cleaned properly (which I will touch on shortly). There have never been any reported negative side effects from using the Jade egg. If you have any prior health concerns in the sexual organs, I recommend checking with your doctor first.

How long can I leave it in for? You can leave the jade egg inside for up to four hours. You don’t want to be causing any unwanted strain on the pelvic floor muscles. If you feel discomfort at any time, remove the egg straight away. Listen to your body!

Can I use it while pregnant? No. Although some women do. I wouldn’t recommend it. It states in the ancient Taoist guides that is it unsafe and I believe they know what they were talking about. Trust the masters! The amount of energy you’re building could disrupt your pregnancy. Also the added weight may cause too much strain on your already hard working muscles.

Can I use it while on my period? I personally don’t use the egg on the heavy days of my period. I don’t like to disrupt my body’s natural flow of releasing and rejuvenating. If you’re not sure, you can always check in with your body. Close your eyes and bring all of your attention to your vagina and ask her, ‘would you like to receive the egg today?’.. wait for her response.

How do I clean my egg? Because Jade is created under intense heat and pressure it’s safe to boil. When your egg is new, I recommend boiling it for 10mins before use. From then on it is fine to rinse under water. If you forget to rinse the egg straight away you may notice a build up of vaginal discharge, it may crust on the egg and therefore will need to be boiled again for 10mins. Do not use soap or other cleaning products, remember you don’t want any chemicals going inside your body. If anything, add a few drops of natural tea tree oil to your hot water (natures antiseptic). If you boil your Jade egg and notice any defects, this is a clear sign you have been using a fake jade egg – be careful 9/10 Jade eggs on the market are fake.


What are the benefits?

  • Creates bliss, joy and happiness – it can be an anti-depressant.
  • Builds power within the body which transmutes into empowerment in every day life.
  • Energy booster.
  • Relaxes the mind and creates a deep connection to the body’s deep wisdom and intuition (Create firm boundaries, build a strong no and a strong yes).
  • Allows an open free flow of energy which frees stagnant energy and releases pass trauma (stagnant energy causes disease so this free flow of energy is key to prevention).
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor and helps with incontinence.
  • A gentle method for women to be able to shift their emotional relationship to their sexuality and body.
  • Creates a sense of love, safety and belonging in the body.
  • Creates sensate focus (training to focus on sexual sensations). Increases pleasure and orgasmic potential.
  • Increases libido.
  • Can heal chronic and ongoing yeast infections. (Do not use the egg during the time of an infection).
  • Can regulate irregular periods.
  • Can improve prolapse.
  • Used to heal after birth wounding or issue caused from the birthing process
  • Heals vulvodynia – (pain in vulva during sex)
  • Allows for a smooth transition into menopause. Helps with vaginal dryness during menopause.
  • It gives women a regular practice to remove shame, guilt and fear. A gentle yet profound way to integrate trauma and judgement, to express pleasure, sexuality and to choose a celebratory and empowered way of being.


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Are your ready to unlock your body’s deep wisdom and step into your ultimate power?


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