Breast massage – A powerful self love practice

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Breast massage is one of my most adored daily rituals, I’m so excited to finally share the magic of this powerful practise with you.

This 3 minute practice is a really simple yet can have a powerful impact on how you experience love, life and sex.

This beautiful ancient Taoist practice has allowed me to embody love on the deepest level and provided me with a connection to the core essence inside of me, a place that knows nothing but pure love, light and joy – the ultimate place to live my life from.

Showing love to your body is key when it comes to feeling happy, alive and vibrant in your day to day life. Give your body the love and attention she deserves and she will love you right back!

We all have busy schedules and our minds are constantly on overdrive, running the show as we pursue life purpose, love, connection and wholeness. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, we already have all these things and more! See, our souls know nothing but pure love and light, we just lose touch of this when we let our self inflicting, busy little minds take over. The good news is, finding love and contentment is easy, just quiet your mind and reconnect to your heart and breasts – the powerhouse of love and self love.


So what are the benefits of breast massage?

  • Creates an expanded state of love and self love.
  • Opens the heart creating a soft, loving connection and an awe of the beauty, life and sensuality in the body.
  • Improves hormonal health – more joy, happiness aliveness and vibrancy.
  • Releases endorphins, dopamine and serotonin – natural feel good chemicals.
  • Stimulating the lymphatic tissue around our breasts moves tension or stagnation out of the area creating a free flow of life force energy throughout the nervous system which allows a deeper connection to pleasure.
  • Empowering relationships – it allows you to connect with your partner from a higher place of love.
  • Creates a sense of independence – It is also empowering to have an individual sensual practice so you don’t become reliant on your partner to feel worthy of love or pleasure.
  • The heart is made up of a complex intrinsic nervous system, a network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells, just like those found in the brain. Your heart is conscious! Connecting to this consciousness allows for a deep awareness of the body’s inner wisdom and intuition.
  • In Taoist tradition the women’s breasts and heart are her positive pole. If she carries a lot of energy in this area she’ll have a deep sense of pride and personal empowerment.


Breast massage step by step guide.

Traditionally breast massage is to be done sitting down but as we all live such busy lives I recommend to a lot of my clients to do it standing in the shower to ensure regularity of practice.

Breast massage can be over the clothes but for a powerful and more intimate practise I prefer to do it with bare skin

1. Find a safe, nurturing space to do your practice in. It’s important to find a place that feels safe to ensure total relaxation and surrender into the practice. Lock the door and put on your fav music if it feels right.

2. Begin to rub oil into the palm of your hands. I recommended organic, unscented oil: coconut, jojoba, almond etc.. A few drops of natural essential oils can be added for an extra potent practice. You can choose an essential oil with properties that support whatever it is your working on that day. (I like to use Ylang Ylang as it’s mood lifting and has a beautiful sensual aroma that supports my practice perfectly).

3. Bring the palm of your hands to your breasts. In the Taoist tradition it activates a point in the centre of your palm that is connected to the pericardium, the protective layer of the heart and allows this protective layer to soften

4. Begin by massaging in a circular motion, down on the outside, up on the inside. This is a releasing direction; it clears anything that needs to be cleared: stagnation, energy, limiting beliefs, self doubt, shame, guilt, fear etc..

5. Then change directions, up on the outside, down on the inside. This is an energy-building direction; it brings love, life force energy, abundance and vitality to the breasts. Use this direction to call in any sensations, qualities or high vibe emotions you need to thrive. – It can also grow the breasts and brings fullness, aliveness, perkiness. (This really works! I went away on a teacher training retreat in Mexico last year, I came back after doing a week of breast massage and my partner commented on them saying they looked more firm and perky) **Don’t use this direction if there is anything unhealthy in the breasts, because it can increase whatever is there. 

6. Cup your breasts and lightly bounce them creating a rippling effect of this energy you have just built up. Spread love and vitality throughout your entire body.

7. Cupping your breasts hold them tight against the body. Close your eyes and really connect to this sensation of infinitive love and self love. Drinking this love into each and every one of your cells. If it feels right you can whisper affirmations of love and acceptance to your breasts and your heart. E.g. “You are safe”, “I love you” and my favorite “you are beautiful”.

There you have it – one of the most simple yet potent self love practices available.

A breast massage can be done with breast implants or after a mastectomy.

If you have sore breasts (maybe you’re lactating or have your period), you can do an energy massage. Follow the same steps but hold your hands a few inches away from your skin and imagine/ feel energy streaming out of your hands and into the breasts massaging them with this energy.

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. Cherish it!

I hope you enjoy this practise as much as I do 🙂

With love,

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