3 ways to rekindle your relationship with money

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Last week I had a huge realisation. I’ve been a total bitch, a bitch to money that is. I haven’t been valuing our beautiful relationship like I should.

I came to this realisation during an amazing coaching session (me as the coachee this time). I came into the coaching session with the ‘problem’ of wanting to make more money in my coaching and online business so I can slowly transition from stripping into a full time sexual empowerment coach.

Stripping isn’t as new and exciting for me as when I started. I know this has greatly affected my determination towards making money doing it. My online coaching business and store now have my heart. It’s obvious when I jump for joy after getting notification for a $100 payment received from a goddess purchasing a Jade egg, yet when I work that same night and make $700 stripping I don’t even bat an eyelid.  

7 years ago when I first started dancing, I would always be one of the first girls in the club and the last to leave. I had the greatest work ethic and an even greater appreciation for money. I would come home full of excitement and count my nights earnings with my housemate who was also a dancer. I cherished it and saved most of it to buy a house.

Lately I’ve noticed things change. I’ve started to leave work early, coming home and throwing my bag on the floor without even counting my cash. Literally zero acknowledgement. Like the worst type of relationship, one I definitely wouldn’t stick around for.

When you think about it, it’s ridiculous, money is money and it has the same value no matter how I earn it. It still gives me the same freedom, can purchase the same nutritious food and pays my internet bill so I can connect with all of you.

Money is money, one rule applies to all. In a few years I see myself working from home with my one on one clients, selling lots of Pleasure Treasures and earning an abundance of money from my online course. However, I realised that by not appreciating my stripping money, it would never show up as abundantly as I would like in other areas of my life.  

I’ve always had great beliefs around money e.g. “I always have enough to get my needs met” and “money comes easily”. I value my time and I know my worth so I was still making enough money but I wanted to be making and (more importantly) saving more! This might sound greedy but here is why – The money that I make stripping allows me to have the freedom to have more time to put into things that I really love – studying, reading, coaching, my online store and building an online course. All of my visions are aimed at empowering women all over the world which is super important to me! It’s my calling! So it’s more than just having the money, it’s about what the money will give me – in my case the flexibility to work less and put more time into helping, inspiring and empowering others and doing my part to heal the world.

“I love money and money loves me”. Another great affirmation, I really do believe this but It dawned on me that I wasn’t fully expressing this love.

I needed to rekindle our relationship. So here is what I did… 

 1. I wrote a love letter to money. My gorgeous friend and life coach suggested I write a love letter to money. I thanked it and listed my appreciations. I also apologised for my terrible behaviour so we could come to an understanding and start a new loving, healthy and thriving relationship.
2. Embodiment of gratitude. Every time I receive money (either as cash in hand or as a notification on my phone) I take a moment to embody joy, excitement and gratitude. The universe works on vibration and the emotions you feel send out different frequencies of vibration. High vibe emotions such as joy, excitement and gratitude are non verbal communication to the universe that says ‘more please’. 
3. Ritual. I started a new ritual and I am so, so in love with it! The first thing I do when I come in from work is count my money. I place it around a candle and write a thank you note to it. I burn sage to turn my ‘dirty’ stripper money into the pure divine energy that it really is. I sit with it , smile at it and take a moment to allow the money been seen, valued, appreciated and loved. This step helped me the most. I am more motivated than I have been in a long time. I can’t wait to come home, count my money and do my little ritual. 


It’s likely you don’t get paid cash. My online business is the same. With this I say ‘thank you’ each and every time I receive a payment notification on my phone. If I’m at home I get up and do a little happy dance.

These 3 steps gave me an immense amount of clarity around my relationship with money. It has only been a week since I wrote the love letter, and a week of doing my ritual but already I have noticed I am making more money both online and dancing. I’m saving more and most importantly I’m having FUN earning it!

Whether you are struggling with money or not I highly recommend writing a love letter. Just let the words pour out of you. You might be surprised with what comes up.

My ritual is just one example, get creative and find one that works for you. It could be anything…

Make a vision board – A couple years ago I wrote ‘money comes easy’ on a $100 note and it’s been on my wall ever since.

Take a walk and just notice abundance wherever you look. The leaves on the trees, the grass, the air you breath. Everything you need is abundant and once you come to believe this new narrative money will also become more abundant.

Money + sex! One of my fav sexual practises is sex magic – using the energy of sexual arousal or orgasm to manifest a desire. Sexual life force energy brings us to our highest consciousness and purest, awoken states, our highest vibe and the prime state to align and call in our ultimate desires. Devote sex or a self pleasure session to money. Sounds mad, but it works 🙂

I hope this has inspired you.

Wishing you a beautiful, passionate, healthy and thriving relationship with money!

Money is a divine energy, treat it like a divine lover.

**The love letter to money is from ‘The Earth Is Hiring’ by Peta Kelly. If this idea resonates with you I highly recommend you read the book. It will shift your perspectives around life, business and money.