Jade egg for pleasure

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Pleasure is what makes life worth living, like the simple pleasures of food, music, coffee, friendship, the grass between your toes, the smell of rain, laughter, the sun on your skin or the sensation of diving into the ocean. Sexual pleasure, being the most potent, powerful and purest form of pleasure is one of our most delicious birth rights, one we are all biologically wired for.

Sexual pleasure is an innate human experience, one in total alignment with the divine and fundamental to our very existence. It’s an enlightening tool we can use to connect to our personal greatness, each other and the universal consciousness at large.

We are all worthy, deserving and capable of experience the utter most pleasure that is available to us, so why is it that so many women are not enjoying sex or are not experiencing orgasm as they would like to?

(75% of women never experience orgasm from intercourse alone and 10 to 15 have never experienced an orgasm under any condition).

For hundreds of years, as women, we have been taught that our sexual pleasure is unsafe, unacceptable or just plain wrong. Sex was only for the enjoyment of men. Women who chose to find pleasure in such a thing were burnt at the stake, locked up or deemed clinically insane. Even though we now know on a conscious level that it is acceptable and safe to not only have sex but also to find pleasure in it, it is taking our psyches and our unconscious minds some time to catch up on this new reality. Science has proven the genetic factor is highly significant when it comes to inability to orgasm. Many women are still carrying passed on wounds from the trauma or suppression their female ancestors endured and the fear of being unloved or unsafe is still associated with sexual pleasure. When a female does orgasm the majority of the brain completely shuts down so it is absolutely necessary that she is able to embody both safety and love before letting herself surrender to this pleasure.

My pleasure didn’t always feel like it belonged to me. For a long time it felt like it was used and abused by young boys purely for their own satisfaction. I never said anything although I was unsatisfied and craved so much more. I hold no remote as I knew no better but in not allowing my body to give full consent, I had no idea I was disconnecting and shutting down my body, my emotions and my ability to feel. I wasn’t allowing for expansion, new heights or the possibility of new peaks of pleasure.

The Jade egg has given me the gift of reconnecting with my innate sexuality and celebrating the flavor of turn on that feels true to me, instead of what is expected of me. It has allowed me to embrace my pleasure and experience a broader range of orgasm (both alone and with my partner). I have been given the understanding that sexual pleasure is healing, powerful and rejuvenating to every part of my being. I allow sexual energy to radiate from within me. I use it to fuel my day and every aspect of my life.

Something that is super simple but super empowering to take on is the fact that your body is more receptive to positive appraisal rather then criticism, meaning your body gives more pleasure when it feels loved and supported. Having orgasm as your main goal will put pressure on your body and actually cause her to shut down, disconnect and pull away from orgasm. Be thankful for every slight sensation of pleasure you experience and your body will open and surrender to even more pleasure the next time. Start giving yourself space, spend time being sensual and celebrate and acknowledge your body!

The Jade egg pleasure practice can help to keep your turn on ON! Most men (and a few women) have a turn on that is like a flame, it can be switched on and off easily and quickly. The majority of women (like me) have a turn on that is like water, it can take a long time to heat up but once it’s there it can stay HOT for hours. The pleasure practice can keep your turn on at a lukewarm temperature. One that you can radiate from during the day and one that doesn’t need so much heating before play at night. This can help women who are in relationships in which their partner gets turned on a lot quicker than them. It gives you more hunger for sex and more enjoyment out of it, which is also a beautiful gift for your partner.

Self-pleasure is potent. Giving love through pleasure is one of the most beautiful things you can offer yourself.

Below is a simple Jade egg pleasure practice. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

With love,


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 Start your Jade egg journey now.


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Simple Jade egg pleasure practice.. 

1. Turn yourself on slightly before inserting the Jade egg. (It’s important to not allow yourself to be penetrated before you’re ready).

2. Hold the Jade egg at the entrance of your vagina and (only once she is ready) insert it very gently.

3. Start lying on your back with your knees bent up to the sky and your feet flat on the ground.

4. Take a few deep breaths allowing yourself to sink into the moment and into your body. Bring all of your awareness to your vagina, pin pointing any sensations of pleasure that arise moment to moment. Imagine this pleasure as a little ball of bright white light.

5. Press through your feet lifting your hips slightly up of the ground and begin rotating your hips in a circular motion.

6. Keep a deep connected breath throughout the practice. With each inhale pinpoint and focus on the pleasure in your vagina. With each exhale free and move it throughout your body.

7. Use the circular movement in your hips to move and liberate any stagnant energy throughout your body. Imagine the ball of bright, white light growing brighter and brighter.  Stay with this for 3-7mins.

8. Come to rest. Take a moment to reintegrate and allow your body to drink this life giving energy into every one of your cells Thank your body for the pleasure and energy it provided you with.

**Check first with your doctor if you have any health. Do not use the Jade egg if pregnant.