5 ways the Jade egg has empowered me

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My journey with the Jade egg has been an awakening and profoundly empowering one to say the least. I’m not going to lie, before I started my journey I already perceived myself as somewhat empowered. I mean, I had spent years living as an incredibly happy, independent, single woman and had just manifested the relationship of my dreams, I had travelled most of the world (parts of which I did completely solo) and stripping had already given me the most profound gift of being comfortable in my body.. But lo and behold the Jade egg introduced me to an even greater level of power and gave the word a whole new meaning.

When we think of power we stereotypically think of dominance or aggression but being powerful doesn’t have to look this way. At its core, power is knowing what you want and being able to get it. It’s about feeling how you want to feel, experiencing what you want to experience and about making things happen in the external world. Power = choice. We all have an innate, inner power unique to us and here’s a twist… this power can be fun, sexy, gentle, soft, easy, peaceful and totally in alignment with love!

Here are a couple of the incredible way the Jade egg practice empowered me.

#1. Increased pleasure – Since using the Jade egg I have experienced my ultimate, mind-blowing, juicy, delicious, mind expanding peaks of pleasure, both alone and with my partner. This has empowered me a couple of ways. Firstly, now that I have my own individual practice and I am able to gift myself this ultimate source of pleasure, I feel completely independent from my partner. I don’t see him as the source of my pleasure but instead of someone I can share it with. There is nothing more empowering than knowing your ultimate peak of pleasure is a gift you can source from within. That power is within YOU!

The Jade egg practice also gave me an embodied, presence form of pleasure. In the past I would often turn to porn when self-pleasuring which in turn led to an addiction to fantasy (again giving away my power). Now I can stay fully present in my body and in my pleasure instead of disconnecting and going into my mind. My source of pleasure all comes from within and that knowing is super powerful and delicious.

My new understanding of my unique pleasure and turn on has now given me the power to CHOOSE pleasure. Sex is now more for ME, more for us as a couple and less about pleasing him. (A bad cycle I got into when I was younger).

#2. Stronger boundaries – The Jade egg opened up an empowering new way of connecting and communicating with my body. Anytime I use my Jade egg I always take a moment to check in and ask whether my pussy wants to receive her. This continuous practice of checking in with my body has made me more receptive to her subtle signals and more aware of her wants/ needs. Respecting my body’s boundaries in my personal practice has reflected on how I respect her in coupled sexual situations. Having stronger boundaries allows my body to trust me, and in trust she is able to surrender deeper to my partner and to pleasure. The boundaries I set around my body deeply reflect onto the boundaries I hold in all areas of my life as the boundaries you set (and keep) around your body set the tone for all personal boundaries. Boundaries = choice = empowerment!

#3. Healing past wounds – To carry on with my experience with terrible boundaries – If I could go back and change the way I lost my virginity I would. In fact, I would probably go back and change the first few of my sexual experiences. To be honest nothing overly traumatic happened and I am not going to act like it did because all in all I had a pretty ‘normal’ experience growing up as a teen and I know some poor, young women have it much worst than me. But it wasn’t ‘perfect’, I wasn’t really ready and it wasn’t something that I wanted. I would say it was only partly consensual. More like I said yes because I got put into positions where I felt like I had no choice. I was young, uneducated and had never been taught how to say ‘no’. Have you ever had a sexual experience that just left you feeling kind of ‘meh’ and empty like something had been taken from you? (I think most women know what I’m talking about). In a perfect world (and one day soon) young girls would be educated so this doesn’t happen to them. For now, the bright side is it is possible to go back and heal these old wounds. The Jade egg has allowed me to clear energy of past lovers and past events bringing myself back to my original sexual essence, a wholeness, a ‘me-ness’. Leaving these events behind and reclaiming my power that was lost all those years ago.

The Jade egg also offers me a gentle healing of energies and trapped emotion that builds up in my body daily. Through my work as a stripper I am mixing with many different customers and many different energies. The Jade egg allows me to release all of the heaviness, unwanted energy and emotion brought on from my work and returns me back to equilibrium. (As women we tend to hold onto a lot of emotion in our vaginas, not necessarily just emotion relating to sexual experiences).

#4. Emotional control – The Jade egg has given me an empowering relationship with my emotions. I’m now able to bring my emotions to the surface, feel them, understand them, and then choose to either express or recycle them in a more harmonious way, instead of bottling them up until they explode to the point of no return. I’m not going to lie, I definitely haven’t mastered this one, I’m no blissed-out Buddha. This one is a life long journey but already my ability to self-sooth has become apparent. I have felt comfort in feeling (usually uncomfortable) sensations and find myself being less triggered, or at least being able to catch myself before lashing out.

#5. Sexiness – What is sexiness? It’s more than just physicality, it’s an energy, it’s your sexual life force energy, it’s your ‘turn on’ flowing limitlessly throughout you. It’s your aliveness, your vibrancy, that zest for life. It’s pussy power. This is what the Jade egg continues to give me. The power of using my sexual life force energy to fuel my body, my nervous system, my thoughts and my life with utter deliciousness. The Jade egg has the ability to remove a fog from my brain, heaviness in my belly and opens a free flow of energy, clarity and a stream of inner love and light to shine forth. This ‘sexiness’ effects how I move throughout my day, my interactions, my output into my work and the qualities I bring to my relationship. This is the type of sexiness that people notice before any physical sexiness. It’s the one that gets me out of bed, motivated and moving closer towards my dreams.

This is just a few ways the Jade egg has empowered me and I wish to share with you all of it’s gifts in the hope it will empower you in the same way and more!

Lots of love,


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