Jade egg for sexual healing

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The Jade egg can offer a beautiful space for deep yet gentle sexual healing.

We can all benefit from doing healing practices as no matter how perfect our upbringing, we all suffer from some degree of minor trauma through our psyches being pulled out of alignment through social conditioning. Most of us would have been taught (either directly or indirectly) that sex is dirty, shameful or dangerous in some way or another. We hold onto these beliefs and they cause havoc on our sexuality and our relationships until we choose to heal them and realign to our inner truth.

Trauma and social conditioning produce stagnant energy inside the body. This creates tension, which leads to desensitisation, numbness or pain and in extreme cases can lead to disease. Using the Jade egg for healing can relax the body and allow a liberation and movement of this trapped energy, which also liberates and releases social conditioning and trauma.

Jade egg healing practices are simultaneously enhancing pleasure and orgasmic potential. Stagnant energy held in the body can cause blockages in sexual energy, meaning the limiting narratives, emotions or thoughts you are holding onto may actually be shutting down your ability to fully experience pleasure and orgasm. If you feel embarrassed of your body, shameful or disgusted by sex, your body will shut down and disconnect from the act instead of staying present and fully respective to it. It’s easier for your psyche to disconnect rather than witness the fact it’s doing something that has been unconsciously ingrained to be ‘shameful’ or ‘dirty’.

Healing through the Jade egg enables a letting go of energy and/or emotion that doesn’t belong to you and a calling in and embodiment of empowering, high vibe emotions and narratives. The Jade egg can be used to clear challenging emotions, fear of full sexual freedom and expression, body hatred, guilt, shame or disgust around sexuality and then to replace this space with a natural state of celebration, love, joy and self acceptance.

The beautiful thing about healing through the Jade egg is you’re able to heal on deep, internal level. Working on this level doesn’t require words which means no getting caught up in the story or re-traumatizing, making it a really gentle yet profound experience.

with love,



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[box] A gentle Jade egg healing practice.

1. Set up a calm, nurturing and safe space for your practice. Play some music if it feels right.

2. Set an intention for your practice. E.g. I wish to remove the shame I’m holding around my body and to replace it with pure love.

3. Give your body the time and space to relax and become slightly turned on before entering the egg. Never rush this.

4. Start the practice laying down with your feet flat on the floor, next to your bum, knees bent up to the ceiling.

5. Press through your feet lifting your hips up to the ceiling. Hold them there for 5 secs allowing any stagnancy energy, trapped pain or emotion to drain from your womb into the egg.  Slowly bring your hips back down to the floor. Relaxing your body completely.

6. Fill up this space in your womb with a big bright light of pure love (or whatever supportive quality feels right to you in this moment).

7. Repeat this process with your cervix, ovaries, vagina and vulva. Clearing each of uneasy energies, sensations or emotions and replacing them with high vibe qualities that are in alignment with light.

8. Lift your hips just slightly off the floor and allow your whole body to shake gently. Follow your body’s natural intuition and guidance and use this movement to shake off and release any remaining stagnancies. (This is a really powerful step – you may have seen animals do this is the wild when they shake after being chased to liberate fear and stress before being trapped in their nervous system. Shaking is a really potent way of completing stress cycles and bringing the body back to equilibrium.  This step can also be done as a stand-alone practice for a quick and gentle healing).

9. Relax completely and allow your body to rest and reintegrate.

10. An optional step is to cleanse your egg in ritual after it’s removed, washing what no longer serves you back to be recycled by mother earth.


This practice can also be used to drain and clear memories of an event or person. Personally I have used this practice to release past lovers and sexual experiences that left an unhealthy and heavy residue. This can be super empowering as it allows you to clear all associated energies and claim back a sense of independence.

**Do not use the Jade egg if you are pregnant. If you have any health concerns please check with your doctor first.

**A side note on serious trauma – Serious physical and physiological wounds need to be dealt with great sensitivity. If you’re healing deep sexual trauma or you’re suffering from PTSD and have NOT done any work on it yet, I suggest you see a trauma specialist before beginning your journey with the Jade egg. [/box]