Jade egg for vaginal strengthening

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Just quickly, before I get into the benefits of having a strong vagina (and how to get one), I want to bring awareness to the reason I use the word ‘strong’ rather than the word ’tight’. We’ve all been taught to believe having a tight pussy is where it’s at – this is a huge misconception!! The pelvic floor that makes a ‘tight’ pussy is made from a small group of muscles and like any muscle you want them to be strong and flexible. Nobody likes walking around with a tight hamstring right? So why would you like to walk around with a tight vagina? A tight vagina is a sign of held tension and stress caused from past trauma or stagnant energies. The way I like to think of it is like a pole dancer, they are incredible flexible yet incredibly strong and they move freely and gracefully. Anyone that is tight and tries to pole dance is more than likely going to be suffering from a lot of discomfort, just as tightness of the vagina can cause discomfort during sex. You want you lady flower to be flexible enough to welcome in any size lingam yet strong enough to hold him stuck.

Do you have a tight vagina?

If you insert your fingers into your vagina and find it uncomfortable, this is a sign the pelvic floor muscles are overly tight or in a chronic state of tension. This can cause pain during sex and lead to further health problems. If this sounds like you, don’t be alarmed, there are Jade egg practices designed to relax and release tension around the pelvic floor region but please stay clear of doing any strengthening practices (for now).

Remember, it can take your wild flower time to relax open. Sometimes ‘tightness’ is just a sign that she is just not ready yet. Listen to your body’s intuition and make sure you give her enough time and space to fully surrender before penetration.

The importance of having strength in the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles 

  • It prevents health issues such as prolapsed and incontinence. Up to 29% of women suffer from incontinence after childbirth as well as a large number of women over 50. Doing this strengthening practice now can prevent surgery later.
  • Muscle strength adds to the quality of sensation and the ability to feel pleasure.
  • Muscle strength affects the quality and frequency of orgasms.
  • Strengthening adds to the general health of the vagina due to having a supported nervous system and improved circulation. When you exercise and take care of your body you generally feel vibrant inside your body. The same thing goes with your vagina. Vibrant and thriving health enables you to avoid sexual health issues.
  • Vaginal physical strength leads to total embodiment of feminine power. Holistically, having physical strength in your body effects your strength on all levels, energetically and physiologically.

It’s never healthy to be unbalanced so it’s important to balance out your soft yin practices, with powerful, strengthening, yang practices. If you’re doing too many soft, flowing practices your energy can become too yin, too soft and become stagnant. Your beautiful feminine, soft, sparkly energy needs to be protected with fire.

Understanding the pelvic floor.

The pelvic floor is a diamond shape. Your pubic bone is the top of the diamond, your coccyx (tailbone) is the back of the diamond and your two sit bones form the outer two corners of the diamond. The pelvic floor is like a hammock that is stretched between the top and bottoms parts of the diamond and connects to the two corners. It also winds around the anus and the vaginal opening. To squeeze your pelvic floor is to literally try hold in a fart and to clench so you don’t pee yourself, at the same time.


Below is a simple Jade egg strengthening practice for you to try at home.

Enjoy. With love,

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Simple Jade egg strengthening practice.

1. Find a safe space to do your practice. Put some motivating music on if is feels right.

2. Give your body some time to relax, surrender and become slightly turned on before inserting the Jade egg.

3. Get into a comfortable position – you can do this practice either laying down or sitting up with a straight back.

4. Squeeze around the Jade egg as you pull your pelvic floor up and in. Do 3 sets of 25. Squeezing for 5 secs, relaxing for 5 secs.

5. Optional step – If you’re unfamiliar with working with the pelvic floor muscles you may end up squeezing your bum, tummy or inner thighs. You want to make sure you have isolated the pelvic floor muscles in order to benefit from doing the practice. If you’re unsure, you can either place a hand over your vagina and anus to bring awareness to the area you should be squeezing or you can insert a finger into the vagina and practice squeezing around your finger.

6. Relax and allow your body some time to reintegrate.

** Check with your doctor first if you have any health issues. Don’t use if pregnant.