How Sex Magic Can Transform Your Life.

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Sex Magic might be my favourite practice ever. 

Sex magic has so much to offer, it’s so powerful and potent in so many different ways. I have spoken about it really briefly on my Instagram and those of you who follow me would have seen stories every now and again, where I surrounded myself with stacks of cash and make an altar with crystals and all sorts of things. I haven’t really gone into what Sex Magic is or how to do it, and that’s what I want to touch on with this blog post. 

Sex Magic is the idea of using your potent and very powerful sexual energy as a tool to fast-track the manifestation process. It sounds totally crazy, I know, but there’s so many reasons and explanations behind how and why it does this. The main reason behind it is that you can ultimately use your sexual life-force and creative energy to tap into altered states of reality. Altered states of reality, free from self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and free from everything that is holding you back from what it is that you’re trying to manifest. Sex Magic can be used to manifest anything, you guys!

Once, I had a really profitable week after doing Sex Magic. It started with a great night at work. After collecting all of this cash, the first thing I did was feel really grateful for receiving it. Then, I spread out some of the cash on a table in front of me, and ended up doing another Sex Magic practice. After three practices in just one week I had made over $10,000. It really proved to me just how powerful this practice truly is, and confirmed exactly what various studies throughout history on this magic have concluded. As women we can use our own sexuality and all our sexual essence for manifestation, because our sexual energy is ultimately our life force energy.

This life force energy is our creative energy and when we’re not using it to create life, it is so powerful in itself. It shows up in everything – from the way we put ourselves out into the world, to the music we listen to and the way we connect with other people. It is energy that ultimately has the potential to create and birth life. I used it to project my dreams, my goals and accelerate manifestation, so I’m going to explain to you my understanding of Sex Magic and why I feel it is so powerful.

When a lot of people try and manifest something, all they will do is sit down, close their eyes and try to visualise whatever it is that they’re trying to manifest. But what happens here is that you close your eyes (and your connection to your current state/reality/identity), and you try to visualise a future version of yourself or whatever it is that you are trying to manifest. In doing so, you are ultimately sitting in your current stage. You are sitting in all of your current limiting beliefs, limiting narratives, self doubt and everything that’s holding you back from what you desire. You need to depart from where you are now to where you ultimately desire to be, to obtain what you want to achieve. It might seem far away and unattainable, but if you can allow yourself to drop into an altered state of perception and an altered state of reality where it almost becomes timeless, the manifestation process can begin. 

If you do a lot of meditation, you would know all about reaching that state of altered reality. Meditation requires closing off your connection to the external, arising from it, connecting to your breath and thinking through your body. When you’re in your body, you’re automatically away from all of your self-doubt and ego, because those are all things that exist in your head. A lot of meditations will use mantras, so you’ll be repeating something to yourself over and over again to really disconnect you from your current reality. It puts you in an altered state which allows you to let go of the limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you. In the quantum fields, there’s literally nothing at all standing between you and the thing that you want to manifest – and once you have disconnected from all self-doubt, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns, you can let go and feel yourself in all five senses living out your desire. Your brain doesn’t know the difference when it comes to imagination and visualisation, and the embodiment of feeling that desire and it actually being reality (as far as your unconscious mind is concerned) is the same thing. It’s already here, it’s already manifested and if something has already happened once and it was possible and safe (aka you survived it), then there’s no reason why it can’t happen again.

When we talk about this altered state which we achieve through transcending our normal perception of reality, we can reach this through sexuality. If you think about the most intense meditative states that you’ve ever been in, these are very similar to the most intense sexual and sexually-activated states that you’ve been in. They both bring a state of expansion, of letting go, of timelessness, of infinity, of limitless potential. 

Stay tuned for my next blog post where I’ll explore how to tune into that sexual clarity and orgasmic power, and use it to practice manifestation in Sex Magic.
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