How to Master Sex Magic

Sex Magic simply cannot happen without a rockin’ orgasm.

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In order to experience orgasm as a woman, the part of your brain that looks out for danger needs to go offline and shut down completely. You can then go into a wild, uncontrollable, animalistic state where your conscious mind shuts down and your primal mind starts to take over what you’re doing. This is the kind of state where you have sex and something inside of you just takes over, and afterwards you look at it like – “oh my god, that was so not something I would normally do!”. Your inner power takes over and you do crazy and wild things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. You need to be in a state of safety to tap into this core state of being, not care what anyone else thinks and let yourself go, being wild and free. When you’re in this embodiment, this sexual container of safety that is needed in order to feel pleasure and orgasm, it’s the perfect space to manifest and visualise your desire.

There are a lot of times where we don’t allow ourselves to manifest something that we want, almost because there is a sense that having it will be dangerous and unsafe. When you can visualise from a state of safety, there’s nothing stopping you. That’s why the process of allowing your body to enter a state of limitless potential free of all your self doubts, limiting beliefs and limiting thought patterns is fundamental to the manifestation mindset. It’s absolutely key, because if you’re trying to manifest from a state where there’s tiny parts of you that are saying “no, it’s not possible, we can’t have that, it’s not safe,” it’s really hard to shift your state of being into alignment with what you want. Your external reality is a direct reflection of your inner reality, so if there’s something inside of you saying “no you can’t have that”, then it will not manifest. Tapping into a sexual power or state allows all of those limiting beliefs to completely dissolve, until you reach alignment with what you’re looking for. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a highly erotic and passionate turn-on either! It can be a more surrendered, playful, blissful, peaceful sort of turn-on – as long as it’s pleasurable. 

A lot of the time we only allow ourselves to feel good when we receive that thing we so badly want – “when I get a boyfriend, I’ll be happy”, or “when I get into this new career, I’ll be happy”. Waiting to obtain that thing before we feel good internally is a crucial misstep. If you really want to elevate your state, your consciousness and your vibration up to the level of what it is that you’re trying to manifest, the key is choosing to feel that desired state now. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to manifest – instead of waiting for that thing to embody your desired state, embody that state from now. It all comes from within, and you can choose to feel any emotions at any time. Embodied emotional states will manifest, so that’s why using sexual pleasure is so powerful. Ultimately you want to manifest this thing that is going to make you feel high and full of love and pleasure, which is exactly what sexual stimulation can offer you. Self-pleasure is able to bring you up to the level of what it is that you’re trying to manifest, again fast-tracking the process. The way that Sex Magic works is you start to self-pleasure – you don’t need to be hands-on the whole time – and circuit your sexual energy throughout your entire body, through each one of the chakras. Because each one of the chakras relates to a different part of the brain, as you move your energy through each one, every single part of your brain comes on board with your desire. It means your entire being, mind, body and soul is in total alignment. 

There’s nothing holding you back, so use your sexual pleasure. Move it around your body, allowing your entire body to become activated with energy and in total alignment with your desire, and at the highest peak of pleasure (doesn’t necessarily need to be orgasm), visualise what it is that you are trying to manifest. Because at that highest peak or plateau, there’s nothing holding you back. There’s nothing standing in between you and your desire. Visualise what it is that you want to manifest, and when you visualise this with all five senses and feel yourself doing it, living it, being it, you are teaching your future self-consciousness to believe that it’s already happened and it’s your real-life reality.

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