The Hidden Story of the Jade Egg

The Jade egg has changed my life immensely. I started using it around three years ago and since then, I’ve felt more in touch with my body than ever.  The first time I ever used it, it was an almost instant transformation. I felt completely different straight after using it, which is particularly great if you’ve been feeling flat. Recently when I was feeling flat I did a jade egg practice, and straight after using the jade egg, I felt tapped into a free-flowing state of vibrancy and aliveness – almost like being tapped back into my innate power.  

The Jade egg helps on multiple levels and not just with sex. In terms of sexuality it can definitely help you to have a more juicy sex life, and also allow you to come back home into your body. What many might not know is that it can really support your emotional and your energetic health as well. I make it no secret that I absolutely love my jade egg and everything that it’s offered me, and I really hope that you guys can begin your own jade egg journey too if you haven’t already. Take advantage of all the beautiful gifts the jade egg has to offer!

So…what is the jade egg?  I’m sure you already know, from following me, what it looks like. It’s  pretty much just a small, egg-shaped ball of pure jade. The jade egg originates from the Taoist traditions of ancient China, and it’s practice has been used for over 5,000 years now. Taoism is a mystical and spiritual tradition from China that has its roots in around 400 BC, and the ancient Taoists practiced with the jade egg believing that if they gave loving, conscious awareness to their vaginas and the muscles in their pelvic floor, they’ll live longer, healthier, happier and more vibrant lives.  I can totally totally agree with all of that, because I feel all of that same yummy goodness in my own life from my own practices! In Taoism they viewed sexuality, pleasure and orgasm as the most profound way to reach “God” and higher states of consciousness, so the jade egg truly does offer a spiritual and a sexual practice all in one.  

The jade stone was traditionally used in many rituals. Jade is a really hard and smooth, non-porous stone making it more hygienic than other crystals. It’s known as the “dream stone” – the stone of longevity, health and wellbeing. When you use it in your practices, jade soaks up negativity and instills confidence and self-resilience in its place.  One of the beauties of the jade egg is that you’re putting a masculine energy into the most feminine part of you, so on an energetic level there is a marriage of the masculine and feminine happening. This balances the environment of the vagina and clears any stagnant, unwanted or unbalanced energy, giving you a happy, healthy and thriving pussy.  

In a nutshell, the weight of the jade egg combined with you having to listen to your body and physically insert an object into the vagina, pulls your awareness from your overworked mind and back into your body.  This really helps to rebuild a relationship with your vagina and allows you to tap back into your sexual life-force energy, creating a deeper sense of self-love which impacts your capacity to shine your light into the world.  Ultimately, the jade egg is your secret weapon for all-round personal greatness.  

In the present year, we are so lucky to have this tool so accessible to us. If you wanted to, you could go ahead and buy one from my webstore right now and have it at your place in a few days, but originally the jade egg was a heavily guarded secret. Only a very select few in Ancient China, like the royal family and a few of the Taoist practitioners, could ever get their hands on these. Despite the jade egg having been around for 5,000 years, I only first heard about it a few years ago and I’m sure some of you would’ve only just heard about it more recently as well. Isn’t it crazy that this tool has been around for so long but we’re only just getting access to it now?

Interestingly, it never made it to us because of the heavy Christian influence in Western society. In Christianity, sex and spirituality do not go hand in hand (like, at all…duh!), and this is pretty much the whole concept of what the jade egg practice is. Consequently, the practice would be frowned upon in a traditional Western, Christian society. Sex was a big no-no and if anything, it wasn’t pulling you towards God – it was pulling you away from God.  Some of you might have even had some sexual or jade egg-related experiences where you felt connected to a greater source, to God, to the universe, whatever you want to call it – but in our society, we’ve been conditioned against feeling into our bodies and the power of our vaginas. Most women today will go through their day-to-day lives disconnected from their greatness, neglecting their bodies, neglecting their vaginas, wisdom, intuition and power.  What I’ve noticed is that they’ve become stagnant, numb, shut down and not very happy within themselves or their lives as a result of this. The good news? It doesn’t have to be like this anymore! Sexual liberation is making its comeback, and we now have this amazing tool available to us in the jade egg. 

Fuck yeah – it’s a pussy revolution!