Three Reasons You’re Unfulfilled

As a business owner myself, I know what it’s like to be stuck on that never ending hamster wheel of life, telling myself..

I’ll finally feel successful once I..

I’ll finally feel content once I..

I’ll finally feel fulfilled once I..

If you’re where I was then, I know that no matter how much you work, chase, push and hustle to get to that destination, you never arrive. 

No matter how many goals you accomplished, you never feel fulfilled. 

Want to know why??

There are 3 reasons..

1. What you’re chasing isn’t what your soul desires.

Throughout your life you have been conditioned to take on other peoples beliefs around what it means to be successful, what it looks like and what it takes to get there.

You’ve been following all the ‘shoulds’.  

‘I should study XYZ because it’ll give me a good career’.

‘I should become a _____ because it’ll make my parents proud’. 

2. What you’re chasing was once what your soul desired but it’s not anymore.

When you first started out in your career you were incredibly passionate about it, but somewhere along the way that passion moved elsewhere and you didn’t give yourself permission to follow it. 

You stuck to the ‘that’s just the way it is’ motto.

‘Every job gets boring if you do it for long enough’. 

‘I’ve come this far I might as well stick it out’. 

3. You’re only chasing ONE of your core soul desires while the other one gets shut down.

You LOVE what you do and you wouldn’t have your work life any other way but you’ve dedicated all of your time and energy to this one desire and neglected everything else. 

Your motto is “you can’t have it all’’.

‘I can’t be a business owner and a mother’.

‘Men are intimidated by successful women’.

‘I just don’t have the time to______’. 

There is only one way to move into alignment with your soul desires and that is through connection with self…

What to know how to connect to your core desires so you can begin to move gracefully towards them and cultivate a sense of true fulfillment and contentment in everyday life???

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