Move Forward As Your Most Empowered Self

I connect with many women who are desiring to step into their power, so they can create the brightest futures for themselves, whether that be in sex, love, relationships, business or just feeling fabulous in everyday life. 

And do you want to know the number one block and the number one thing that keeps them stuck??

They haven’t let go of their past!!! 

Whether they..

..have had a baby and are struggling to ‘bounce back’.

..have been diagnosed with an illness and are missing their freedom to live life on their terms.

..have gone through a breakup and secretly still wanting to win him back. 

..have grown older and would do anything to get their youthful appearance back. 

It’s really hard (impossible even) to love, appreciate, celebrate and make the most of the present when you’re stuck living in the past!

I wish I could still…

I wish I was still..

I wish I still had..

All this energy being drained into something that you can’t change..

Want to know the reason most women don’t allow themselves to let go of the past??

We’ve forgotten how to process grief!!!!

Essentially in this transition you’ve been through, a version of yourself, your body or your life has died. And the death of anything is going to bring up a lot of emotions. 

Yet, our society at large as become obsessed with the idea of ‘living our best lives’, which comes with this unrealistic expectation and the pressure we put on ourselves to always be happy. 

Instead of feeling emotion and expressing it, we bottle it up and carry on with our lives because we don’t want to be seen as ‘weak’. 

After all, we’re working towards empowerment, right? 

So you hold onto the anger, the sadness and the guilt and carry around with you. No wonder you’re not feeling empowered carrying around all of those disempowering emotions!

What do you need to do?

> Give yourself permission to grieve and let go. Feel all of the ‘negative’ emotions that have been coming up and instead of bottling them up, FEEL them, cry, or punch some pillows (that’s a fav of mine) all of this heavy emotion is better out of your body than in (where it couldn’t eventually turn into depression). If you struggle to feel, write a goodbye letter to this older version of yourself.

> Make amends. Forgive yourself for what’s happened, it’s not your fault. Plus, how you’re feeling is so valid. Don’t be hard on yourself.

This will allow you to move into the future in a state of acceptance..

 > Say right now, 5 things you are grateful for in your life in this current moment. Go. Focus on the good. 

And eventually into a state of empowerment!

When you take back all of your time and energy that you’ve been using dreaming about what once was, you can redirect it into creating the incredible future that could be. Focus on what you CAN change!

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