What is your wild essence?

Behind all the ‘shoulds what does your soul want right now? 

Without the fear of judgment, how would you choose to express yourself? 

Free from the limiting beliefs, what would you give yourself permission to dream? 

Untouched by social conditioning, you are you really?


Your wild essence is essentially the purest, most authentic and innate version of you. It’s who you were put on this planet to be!

Your wild essence it the full embodiment and expression of your feminine gifts. It’s the connection to your body and the reclamation of the world of resources with. 

It’s your hearts intuition and your wombs wisdom. 

It’s your natural ability to heal. 

It’s your power to create, birth and receives with ease. 

Your wild essence is what is uncovered when you let go of all of your limitations and create your own narratives.

It’s when you embody a sense of self-love so deep you that don’t care what anyone else thinks anymore. 

It’s feeling safe to express your full range of emotions unapologetically. And being seen in them too.

It’s opening yourself up to give and receive love like never before. 

It’s coming into alignment with all that’s good and all that serve you so can you receive all of your wildest dreams with ease. 

It’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have – the one with yourself. And the relationship that will set the tone for all the other incredible relationships you attract.

It’s saying ‘no’ guilt-free to what doesn’t serve you so you can focus on what does. 

It’s finding peace in knowing you no longer have to prove yourself because you already know you’re enough.  

It’s knowing who you are (like who you really are)

And knowing what you want (what you really want)

So you can make it happen. 

Your Wild Essence is the purest version of you.

The most embodied and whole version of you.

The most present and pleasure-filled version of you.

The most powerful version of you.

Your entire existence turns you on when you live in this wild state. Literally! Not just in sex, but in life. 

There is only one way to describe this..

The retrieval of your wild essence redefines what it means to be..


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