Do You Set Healthy Boundaries?

Let’s dive straight in with a quiz. How many of these sound like you..

☐ Your relationships are difficult or dramatic.

☐ You struggle with making decisions. 

☐ You hate letting others down. 

☐ You feel guilty saying no. 

☐ You always complain about having no time. 

☐ You’re often tired. 

☐ You feel that others don’t show you respect.

☐ You’re passive-aggressive.

☐ You don’t really know who you are. 

If you ticked yes for most of these, then you have terrible boundary-setting skills, my friend. 

But that’s ok, I’m going to help you set this straight today (keep reading). 

Why you struggle to set boundaries..

> You’re letting your ability to please other determine your sense of worth and lovability.

> You’re afraid of letting people down because you are secretly afraid of being rejected. 

When you were a little girl, you learnt that if you did everything your parents ask you, you would keep their love and admiration and you’ve brought this outdated strategy with you into adulthood. Love is one of our basic human needs, as a child, the love of your parents or caregivers was fundamental to your survival, so you would do ANYTHING to keep it. But newsflash, your parents are no longer in charge of keeping you alive, you are! So the only persons love that matters is yours!

Why you want to set strong boundaries..

When you have the power to set strong boundaries you have the power to say ‘no’ to what doesn’t serve you and ‘yes’ to what does. This means you can redirect all of the time and energy you spent tending to others and actually tend to yourself.. 

.. your needs.

.. your health.

.. your desires.

.. your future. 

And self-love!

This gets me to my next point.

How do you start setting strong boundaries?

The first step to setting strong boundaries isn’t actually by setting boundaries. I’m sure you’ve already tried and it didn’t work. The first step to setting boundaries is by embodying an unfuckable sense of self-love and self-worth. 

When you know you’re worth, you know how you deserve to be treated and you won’t settle for anything less. 

When you love yourself, you won’t say yes to doing things you don’t want to do in fear of not being liked.. Because your own love is so powerful that the acceptance of others doesn’t matter anymore. 

And anyway a sense of being respected is far more powerful than being liked. 

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