How Wild Essence Retrieval changed these women’s lives

There are thirty or so women who have already gracefully powered their way through Wild Essence Retrieval and successfully freed themselves back into the wild. 

I want to take a moment to celebrate a few of these women and to share some of their experiences in hopes that these wild women awakenings can inspire something in you to come ALIVE and join them in this sexy revolution. 

Toni is a wife, a mum and a business owner. Like many women who identify themselves by one of these roles, she had been putting herself last to focus on everyone else needs. She had been measuring her level of worth through how much work she could get done each day and no matter how much she did, she never arrived at the point where she felt worthy. WER taught her that her worth isn’t found through DOING, it’s found it BEING. Through the power of connection (one of the WER modules), she now knows who she is behind all of the roles she plays, and what she truly wants out of life. Thanks to the module of boundaries, at the top of her ‘to-do’ list now is all the things that make her feel good. Because of this, she has injected her life with an abundance of pleasure in every sense of the world.

“The biggest life-changing lesson Wild Essence Retrieval gave me was that I am important and that I do matter. Before WER I had basically pushed myself aside for everything and everyone which is so easily done being a mum, a wife and a business owner. This came at the point in my life where I needed to find myself again because before WER I didn’t know who I was. To any lady wanting to sign up – DO IT, it’s a game-changer. I make more time for myself now than I ever did before. I am aware of who and I am and what I need. I’m 110% a better version of myself than what I was”. – Toni. 

Whether you are holding yourself back because you don’t like your body because you’re ashamed of your sexuality, you don’t feel pretty enough, or smart enough.. whatever you’ve self-loathing over, Rosies story is a beautiful example of how you can turn the relationship you have with yourself around into one that will support you calling in the life of your dreams. In WER you with learn how to purify yourself from self-doubt and trauma, embody a deep sense of love and give yourself permission to be yourself (three of the powerful modules) so you can feel good on the inside and move into alignment with a life that looks good on the outside. How you’re feeling impacts what you do. When you feel good, you do good and you attract good, such a Rosie so beautifully shares..

“The most life-changing lesson I’ve taken from Wild Essence Retrieval is learning how to work with myself instead of against myself. I was spending a lot of time thinking about what I didn’t like. Bringing things in from a  place of self-love instead of lack is a skill Asti taught me that I will carry for the rest of my life”. – Rosie. 

Kim is living proof that connecting to yourself is the key to connecting to your soul desires and that the only person’s permission you need to chase and live out these desires is YOURS! Once you start living as your true wild self, you will call in the life that was meant for you, the only version of your life that will ever truly turn you on. Before WER she was moulding herself into what she thought people wanted from her. Now that she shows up as herself, she can surrender knowing that what serves her will show up with complete ease. She’s called in more work, started new business ventures, organised big events, attracted once in a lifetime opportunities and more financial abundance. 

“I’ll never be able to truly explain what Wild Essence has done for me. I think about myself completely differently now. I realised I had been dulling myself down to how society thought I had to behave for other people to accept me. I now know how to tap into my feminine, my sensuality and connect with myself. All of this helps me get out of a funk quickly. The ripple effect, I can’t even describe. WER has been the catalyst for some courageous change. The wisdom in this course is universal and I couldn’t recommend WER enough. Stepping into this new version of myself has been an absolute game-changer”. – Kim

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