What to expect from Wild Essence Retrieval.

As you can probably tell by now I’m super excited about the release of The Wild Essence Retrieval and I want you to be as excited as I am because awakening the forgotten pleasures and powers of the feminine is worth getting excited about. 

This programme is unique as it weaves together the core element of female empowerment and teaches you how to use them in all areas of life from business, relationships, sex, love and everyday life. 

I want to give you a little introduction to each one of the core empowerment elements to give you a little taste of what’s in store and to remind you of your power.

Because this course isn’t here so teach you anything new. It’s here to reactivate the deep, inherent, often forgotten feminine power within.

Pleasure >

We start off going DEEP into tools and techniques so you can enhance your orgasmic potential in the bedroom and tap into a more joyful state of bliss and contentment in everyday life. When you feel good, you do good and you attract good.

Purification >

This section is all about processing trauma and letting go of emotional residue from past events. It’s all about letting go of what doesn’t serve you so you can call in more of what does. Letting go of sexual abuse, emotional abuse, childhood, wounds and creating a free flow of energy again, freeing up stagnation and coming out of the other side of depression. 

Love >

The ultimate superpower. Create a loving relationship with yourself that will set the tone for all the other relationships you have. Self-love also allows you to become your own cheerleader so you can back yourself when nobody else does.


Offer yourself a sense of safety so you’ll no longer be afraid of being seen in you true power nor your true pleasure.. think big, act outrageously, stand out and start doing all the things we’ve been dying to do but have been too scared. Life is too short. 


This is the workout every woman should be doing! I’ll be taking you through a guided practise of kegel or pelvic floor strengthening practices so you can tap into your full feminine power. Holistically, when you feel strong physically, you feel strong psychologically and energetically. 


It’s time to start saying ‘no’ to what doesn’t serve you so you can start saying ‘yes’ to what does (guilt-free). This is key to creating the life (and sex life) of your dreams. 


Another feminine superpower. Move from a masculine hustle, grind, push and ‘get’ mindset, to a feminine flow and ease surrendered state of receiving. Become a magnet for your desires and call in your dream job, relationship, life and sex without the hard work. 


Reclaim your innocence so you can bring a sense of play back into your life. Come back into a pure state of no right or no wrong so you can express all of your wildest desires shame-free. 


You know all the love, support, encouragement and education you wish you received as a little girl? This is your chance to offer that all to yourself and create new empowering narratives around sex, love, relationships and being a woman so you can free yourself from conditioned believes and habitual thought patterns. 


Reconnect to your body so you can come back home into your feminine, your womb wisdom, heart intuition and ability to FEEL. 


Gain clarity on how your own birth (your initiation into this world) impacted the rest of your life and each initiation into womanhood that followed. Become aware of how each of the modules in this programme are essentially leading you up to the most empowered birth experiences of both the birth of children and creative projects. 


Take everything that you’ve learnt and use it to finally come back home into your core essence and rebirth yourself into the world as the most fabulous version of yourself. Tap into a state of truly knowing yourself and what you want from life so you can finally make it happen. The days of chasing goals that don’t give you a true sense of contentment are over. You’re home!

Join Wild Essense Retrieval now and connect with all the like-minded women who have already said YES to creating the life of their dreams.

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