Wild Essence Retrieval is here…

Guess what ladies??

Wild Essence Retrieval doors are finally open.

This online programme ended up being so much bigger than I had ever intended. It started with just a few mini workshops and then knowledge, wisdom and deliciousness just started pouring out of me and it evolved into SO MUCH MORE!!

Words that come to mind when I think of this programme are pleasure, ease, grace, surrender, flow, turn-on, abundance and that is the exact vibration I’m launching Wild Essence in.

Inside awaits…

  • 29 in-depth workshop videos
  • 17 transformative audio practice guides 
  • 14+ pages of thought-provoking journaling prompts
  • And my new book – “Pleasure Codes” – 33 tips to enhance and heighten your orgasmic potential. 

This is my life’s work. 

All of the tips, tricks, practices and processes I found to be most potent with my VIP 1:1 clients I’ve worked with over the years. 

“You have given me tools and taught me how to connect with my body in ways that I never thought I would”.

“I’m still buzzing from the whole 8 weeks and how much I have changed. It really is all thanks to you, providing the best information and practices”.

“I honestly cannot thank you enough Asti. You’ve transformed how I see myself, how I feel and how I show up to the world”.

I’ve tried and tested it all. I know what works. And now it’s available for you. To work through when and as you need it, no matter where you are.

It’s time to awaken the forgotten pleasures and powers of the feminine. 

This is a soul awakening, heart-opening, pussy tingling, re-wilding workshop series designed for women, like YOU, who are ready to start putting themselves first so they can thrive in sex, love and life. 

Wild Essence Retrieval is the most insanely value-packed feminine empowerment programme ever, giving you in-depth lessons on each key element of becoming the boldest, unapologetic, self-assured and pleasure-filled version of you.

Initiate yourself into womanhood, create your own rules and live a life that truly turns YOU on. 

This course isn’t here to teach you what you don’t know, it’s here to help you remember what’s been forgotten. 

The Wild Essence Retrieval will reactivate the deep, inherent, often forgotten feminine power within.

It will guide you back home into your body so you can reclaim your core creative essence, your wild wisdom, your primal intuition and your innate turn on for life. 


I’ll see you in there!!


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