How To Always Get What You Want

Up until now, you’ve been told that the secret to getting what you want is to..

  1. Work hard.
  2. And to never take your mind off the goal. 

But I’m going to dive right in and tell you that that’s a lie. The real secret is..

>> Surrender 

The feminine doesn’t ‘get’ she receives. So to correct myself the title of this blog should have been ‘How To Always Receive What You Want”.

When you ease off of the ‘hard work’ to surrender you allow your body and your mind to let go of stress and open to the state of abundance and pleasure that’s going to bring you up to the level of your desires. You know the law of attraction right? When you feel good you attract good, and well, when you feel like crap you attract crap. Nothing that you’re wanting to receive is on that frequency. Am I right? 

When you move your focus away from your ‘goal’ and how you think it’s going to show you, you open yourself up to an invitation number of possibilities of how it could show up. 

Let me give you a couple of real-life examples of how surrender will help you get what you want..

In life >>

I’ll give you a quick example from my own life. After hearing about the power of surrender, I decided last year that I wanted to speak at more events BUT I didn’t want the hassle of organising them. I was merely going to wait and receive the invitation so I would just float on in and do what I do best. It worked!! I spoke at a business event, workshops, online events and other people coaching programmes, a retreat, Instagram lives. The list goes on! I was also asked to speak overseas (twice). 

Want to know the best part? (besides not ‘working hard’) it all unfolded so much bigger and better than I could have imagined. I decided on the ‘what and let go of the ‘how‘. 

Before I surrendered to receive, I was so focused on how I thought it would unfold and my vision became so narrow-minded that I blind to all the other incredible opportunities presenting themselves. 

In sex >>

Conscious sexuality is based on this same notion! The road to orgasm isn’t chasing orgasm itself, but merely surrendering to each sensation of pleasure in each and every moment. It’s this deep presence that is the portal to the highest peaks of orgasmic bliss.

When you want to orgasm and you’re putting all your focus on trying to make it happen, it puts your body under an immense amount of stress. Instead of moving towards orgasm, it shuts down!

When you become focused on orgasm as the end goal, you also become completely focused on how it’s going to happen and what it’s going to feel like. All of your focus is on the one specific outcome, and this narrow vision blinds you to the endless other pleasure and orgasm possibilities that are ready to present themselves.

If something inside of you lit up reading this, you can find a whole lot more of where that came from in my new book Pleasure Codes. 

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