3 Reasons Glass Sex Toys are Changing the Game Forever

Nearly every day I receive messages from women telling me how thrilled they (and their pussies) are with their new glass toys. 

I must admit, before I went glass I was sceptical. Would I really want to put something that hard inside my pussy?

But nobody ever complains of a cock being too hard, am I right?!

So now that we’ve set that straight, I want to share with you some of the reasons myself and so many other women are choosing to go glass. 

Glass keeps pussy healthy!

Glass toys are non-porous meaning they are one of most hygienic toys on the market. Toys made from silicone, plastic or rubber are very porous which is why you’ll often be advised to wear a condom over the toy when you use it. Some forms of crystal are harder and less porous (Jade and Obsidian for example) but quartz is not advised to be used internally, hence why you’ll often see them being sold as ‘wands’ or massagers instead of dildos. 

Using a toy that is porous could be harmful to your sexual health as when the surface of a sex toy is covered in minuscule holes it creates space for bacteria and germs to thrive. It also makes them incredibly difficult to clean. The end results could be a nasty recurring case of thrush or bacterial vaginosis.

Glass keeps ‘her’ wet!

The other wonderful thing about glass toys and them being non-porous is they don’t soak up any ‘juice’. That means, regardless if you’re naturally wet or if you’re using an oil or lubricant, a little will go a long way. 

Instead of penetration getting a little ‘grippy’ and frictiony as it does with silicone and rubber toys (if you know you know), glass will offer a soft, smooth, lubricious and delightful experience of pleasure and sensation.  


Glass keeps things.. interesting.

One key element to keeping sex fun and exciting is variety. 

And being temperature-responsive, it’s easy to spice things up with a glass toy. Pop it in the fridge or warm it up in water before use for some extra excitement and temperature sensation play. 

Nothing better than a warm dildo in the middle of winter. Meow! That makes for one happy kitty. 

Long story short, your top quality pussy deserves top quality toys. So stick to glass!

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