Crystal Wands, the Not So Conscious Sex Toy

So you may have noticed that the new and improved Asti Maree store has said a big goodbye to the old crystal products and will no longer be stocking the Jade egg or the Obsidian wand. 

But why you ask?

I know, I know, they were so goddam pretty I’m not going to lie. 

But the dark reality is, with crystals being one of the hottest trends in the wellness space right now the demand is soaring and overseas crystals and gemstones importing has doubled over the past three years. Many of these crystals are mined in deadly conditions in some of the world’s poorest countries. And there is little evidence that this multi-million dollar industry is cleaning up its act.

The truth is, I LOVE the way the quartz wands look and I had been asked if I was going to stock them on multiple occasions. I had looked into it but was aware that many of the factories are producing fake crystals and passing them off as the real deal. And honestly, they are so brilliantly copied I wouldn’t have ever known. Unfortunately, unlike other commodities such as gold and diamonds, there is little in the way of fair-trade certification for crystals.

The more I did my research the more it felt out of integrity to sell a ‘self-love’ product that has immerged from an industry linked to severe human rights violations and environmental harm.

Whist crystals support us feeling more connected to the earth, the more they are mined the more the earth is suffering. What most of us don’t think about is that gemstones and crystals are a non-renewable resource – meaning that their supply from geological deposits is finite.. But it’s not just about the impact on the earth, it’s about the impact on the crystal itself. How can something offer the vibration of love when it’s been taken by force?

Crystals are mined and sold all over the world, but it’s rare to find a seller aware of their origins. 

An example of the dark reality I speak of is Madagascar. It’s situated on a treasure chest of rose quartz and amethyst, but is one of the poorest countries in the world. The US Department of Labor and the International Labour Organization estimates that about 85,000 children work in the mines receiving 17c – 23c per kilo pf quartz they collect. That means crystals increase nearly 100x in price from the time they leave the mine to the moment the hit your hot little hands (or pussy). And the people benefiting are not the ones doing the hard manual labour.  

Long story short, no amount of orgasmic bliss can get rid of the bad vibes that come from human exploitation and environmental destruction.

As you rise in your own empowerment and self-love journey be mindful to choose to invest in companies and organisations that support the freedom and livelihood of others. 

Together we rise!