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Which Pleasure Treasure is For You?

Unsure which Pleasure Treasure is for you?

I know, I know, they are all so sexy and seductive, it’s so hard to choose. 

Let me introduce them to you a little more in-depth so you can get a feel for what’s available..

Pay attention to which ones your eyes light up to (or should I say pussy tingles to)..

It’s calling you!!

If you’re a new to self-pleasure..

“Activate me” – A modern and sustainable twist on the ancient ‘Jade egg’ originating from Taoism. The Taoists practised with Jade eggs believing that if they gave loving, conscious awareness to their vaginas and the muscles in their pelvic floor, they would live longer, happier, healthier and more vibrant lives. If you’re new to the practice or feel a little intimidated by self-pleasuring, this compact and discrete treasure is the perfect place to start! Reactivate your pussy and your innate feminine power. It’s time!

This is for you if…

  • You’re new to self-pleasuring. 
  • You’re feeling disconnected from your body. 
  • You find yourself up in your head during sex rather than blissfully present. 
  • You overthink, get distracted and find it hard to be in the moment. 
  • You want to increase your libido and activate a wild sex life!


If you’re wanting to increase your experience of pleasure and/ or orgasm…

“Pleasure me” – This gorgeous wand comes set with the intention to fuck you and open you to pleasure so boundless, that it overflows into every other realm of your existence – creating a whole life that turns you on. Self-pleasure is nature’s medicine and releases oxytocin and dopamine (the happy hormones), which soothe your nervous system and anchor you into a state of bliss. Let yourself be reminded of how majestic living in a female body is meant to be. Become your own lover, turn yourself on and radiate from your own orgasmic bliss. 

This is for you if…

  • You wish to increase your experience of pleasure and/or orgasm.
  • You desire to experience orgasm through penetration. 
  • You wish to calm your nervous system and tap into an everyday sense of joy. 
  • You want to feel turned on for life and excited for each day. 
  • You want that ‘well-fucked woman’ glow. 
  • You are ready to start attracting out-of-this-world partnered sexual experiences. 


If you’re ready to let go of the past..

“Heal me” – As women, we have all had our sexuality pulled out of alignment in one way or another due to cultural conditioning or traumatic events. Your body holds onto emotional residue from the past and stores it inside the walls of the vagina, which eventually manifests as a tightening of the vaginal walls, pain, discomfort or vaginal numbness. This powerful tool will support you to gently massage out and release any tension and emotional residue from your past, so that you can move forward into the brightest and most pleasure-filled future. 

This is for you if..

  • You experience pain or discomfort during sex. 
  • Your pussy feels numb. 
  • You find it difficult to connect with pleasure.
  • You find it hard to relax and surrender to being open. 
  • You have a ‘tight’ pussy.
  • You’re healing from an experience that has disconnected you from your innate sexuality. 
  • You want to cut energetic ties with a past lover.


If you’re ready to step into the next level version of your life..

“Align me” – This sex magick stick oozes abundant rich-bitch vibrations. Its magick is that it has the ability to align you with all of your goals, dreams and desires, allowing you to become a magnet for everything that serves you in this world. Whether you want to manifest health, money, a new job or new love, this is for you! Activate an inner sense of abundance and your outer world will soon shift to match. Fuck your desires into existence!

This is for you if…

  • You already feel comfortable connecting to your body and sexual pleasure. 
  • You wish to become a magnet for all of your desires and manifest will ease and grace. 
  • You are ready to use your innate sexuality to fuel your dream life.
  • You want to ground down into your goals, values and inner wild woman.


If you want to learn how to squirt..

“Squirt for me” – By far the crowd (or should I say pussy) favourite, this treasure is designed for ultimate g-spot stimulation and squirting satisfaction. Perfect for both experts and gushing goddesses in training. Pure pleasure, just for you.

This is for you if…

  • You have a pussy. 


If you love to indulge in a little anal play..

Anal Angels Trio – The anus has the body’s second-highest concentration of nerve endings, which can make anal penetration incredibly enjoyable. This little trio comes with three different sized butt plugs allowing you to ease yourself into some of the most profound experiences of pleasure available. Pair with one of the Pleasure Treasure wands for some double penetration fun, and enjoy the ride of a lifetime. Thank me later. 


Each treasure comes with a free gift – So much more than a sex toy! Each Treasure comes with its own audio practice guide/masturbation meditation so that you can get the absolute most out of your purchase. The key to benefiting from owning a sacred sex toy is that you actually have to use it! Luckily, you’ll be equipped with all of the tools, motivation, support and education to show you how. No $$$ to invest in a coach? No worries!