I turn high-achieving women into sensual and desirable goddesses so they can manifest confidence, desirability, passion and a turn-on for life!

Using a combination of ancient spiritual practices and modern logic psychology, I help women drop the shame they hold around their sexuality, so they can come back home into their bodies and use their innate sensual radiance to manifest conscious relationships, profitable businesses, successful careers, limitless love, and sex that sets their mind, body and soul on fire.

I work both privately and in an intimate setting with women who are ready and committed to making huge shifts within themselves, their lives and their relationships.

hi! I'm asti Maree

Growing up, I developed a deep shame around my body and my sexuality and quickly learnt that the easiest way to fit in was to dull myself down.


I lost my virginity before I was ready. As a young girl with no formal sex education, I believed it was my duty. I never even considered the fact that sex could be pleasurable for me. Instead, I viewed it as a tool to keep his love and centred on his needs. 
I felt lost and confused. I became a shell of myself. I knew something was missing, I just couldn’t put my finger on it.
My journey of self-empowerment began near the end of a toxic and abusive relationship. I had been pole dancing for a couple of years.

This was my first taste of what it meant to be a sexually empowered woman and I loved everything that it was offering me. Unfortunately, my boyfriend at the time did not. I was pulled between feeling too much and not enough all at the same time. Confused as to what it took to be a sexy and desirable woman but also be worthy of love, I questioned whether it was possible. 
The universe soon led me into stripping which led to a breakup from hell and some of my darkest days. I hit rock bottom. But little did I know, this darkness was a ticket into an amazing new reality.

Here's What I Changed:

I decided to get out of the mess I was in - I left my boyfriend, left the country and gave myself space to heal.

The book ‘You can heal your life’ (Louise Hay) fell into my lap. It changed my life forever and began the phase of binge-reading self-development books.

I decided to follow my own set of rules, regardless of what was expected of me by society. 

I spent time around other women who were comfortable in their bodies and with their sexuality. I gave myself permission to explore my sexuality openly, in ways I never had. 

Stripping gave me the power to regain self-worth, confidence and a deep sense of desirability. 

I invested tens of thousands of dollars on an intensive deep dive into understanding the psychology of sexual healing and rediscovered my sexuality, my pleasure and my purpose through ancient spiritual and sexual practices.

The girl I used to be is unrecognisable.
I can truly say I am secure within my body,
I validate and celebrate my own beauty. 
I know my worth, 
I take up space,
I radiate from my own pleasure.
My life is full of play and adventure.
I’ve manifested a seriously unfuckable -with level of self-love.

And for the cherry on top!! I’ve used all that I’ve learnt to build a 6 figure pleasure-based business.

Now I simply want to share what worked for me, so I can help you transform your life too!

I’m here to support you to heal your relationship with your body and your sexuality by connecting you back to your deep, innate, female wisdom.
I’m here to help you live a prosperous and pleasure-filled life.


I've got you girl!