There is a motherfucking fire burning within. 

Divine rage.

Fueled by the collective pain we’ve injured, the lack of respect we’ve received and the opportunities we’ve missed by putting everyone else’s needs first.

Enough of the nice girl, enough of the ‘cool’ girl, enough of the ‘go with the flow’ girl..

It’s time to reclaim the BITCH, the woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it!

The woman who knows what she deserves and won’t settle for anything less!

Every time you fake an orgasm. 
Every time you hide your body in shame. 
Every time you hold back expressing your needs.
Every time you over-deliver while being underpaid. 

You’re disrespecting yourself.

But you’re also disrespecting the feminine by making it harder for the next bitch to break out of the restrictive cage, this no boundary-setting BS has led us to.

It’s not your fault.. 

We’re taught that in order to be liked we must act a certain way, be easy going, not ask for too much, not be ‘too emotional’, be pretty but not too sexy..

And quite frankly I’ve had enough of this patriarchal crap. 

But I’ve also had enough of the women holding it up.

NO MORE having sex with people who don’t deserve you!
NO MORE telling yourself ‘he’ll change’ when you know all too well he won’t. 
NO MORE regretting you spent so much time on someone who was playing you.
NO MORE having sex with men who aren’t going to call you!
NO MORE working overtime without being paid!
NO MORE making excuses for other people who aren’t working on their shit
NO MORE bottling up your disappointment and letting his shit slide.
NO MORE neglecting your pleasure to focus on his!
NO MORE taking on limiting as fuck narratives from society!
NO MORE questioning your beauty because of the bullshit standards placed on you by mainstream media. 


You have a choice as to how you get to spend your time, who you get to spend it with and what you think about yourself, your body, your life and what it means being a woman. 

Fuck being liked.

Demand respect!

Call in what does serve you! 

And watch your entire life transform!!!

The money.
The relationships. 
The experiences. 
The eternal knowing that you get to live life on your terms.

BOOM bitch. It’s time!!


• Are you sick of doing things you don't want to but feel you 'have to'?
• Do you feel like when you do express your needs nobody takes you seriously?
• Do you feel responsible for others’ happiness?
• Are you unable to say “no” for fear of letting other people down?
• Do you have a weak sense of your own identity?
• Do you base how you feel about yourself on how others treat you?
• Do you allow others to make decisions for you and consequently, feel powerless and do not take responsibility for your own life?
• Do you have lots of big dreams but feel like you never seem to make any progress towards them?
• Are you sick of biting your tongue when you disagree with something and then regretting later you didn't say something?

Is this you??

• Have higher self-esteem and self-respect.
• Be more assertive and confident.
• Truthfully say “yes” or “no” and be okay when others say “no” to you.
• Always gracefully stand your ground without it feeling conflictual.
• Demand respect.
• Have more time and energy for the things you love in life.
• Empower yourself to make healthy choices and take responsibility for yourself and your life.
• Have deep trust when it comes to letting go of the old so you can make way for the new.

In 5 weeks you will..

Week 1: Clarity

What are boundaries + how they up-fucking-level your life.
Boundaries in different areas of life.
Begin assessing your own life and where you could potentially start setting firmer boundaries as an act of self-love.
How to be aware if a boundary has been crossed (even when it's never been set).

Begin to unpack and understand your habitual and conditioned people-pleasing tendencies.
Soothe any anxious thoughts or worries you have around letting other people down and being unapologetically YOU and doing whatever the fuck YOU want.
Become your own best cheerleader so you don't need anyone else's acceptance.

Working backwards, what is your 'yes'? What will you attract, achieve, experience or obtain by saying 'no' to the things, people, places that are turning you off?
Retrain your mind to feel excited when you say 'no' because you know you're saying 'yes' to.
Worthiness embodiment practice to step into the next level confident and successful version of yourself.
Gain clarity on what you need to start focusing on and prioritising to start moving in the direction of your desires.

Get to know what a true yes/ no FEELS LIKE in your body.
Tap into the embodiment of your 'no' so when you communicate your boundaries the words are backed by un-fuckable boss bitch energy.
Practice saying 'no' with an unshakable knowing that you will always be loved, belong and accepted no matter what.

Fuck being liked! All successful women know there is more power in being respected!
Visualisation practice to get you in the flow of setting boundaries with ease.
Restore boundaries - restore power.
Understand that you don't have control over other peoples actions but begin to assess potential reactions that will increase your level of self-respect and the level of respect you receive from others.

What does the next version of your life look like?

How much money do you want to be making?
Where do you want to be living? What does your love life look like?
How do you spend your days?
Want to know the number one thing all happy and successful people have in common?


Week 2: Overcoming Blocks.

Week 3: Worthiness. 

Week 4: Reclaim The 'Bitch'. 

Week 5: Demand Respect.