1:1 Transformational Coaching.

My expertise..

In a nutshell, the majority of women I work with have spent most of their lives endlessly chasing external success and I gently guide them back into their bodies, their sensuality and their feminine essence so they can finally claim a true sense of fulfilment. 

Are you ashamed of the way your body looks?

Do you crave to be met and deeper levels of love and intimacy?

Struggling to navigate the dating game and sick of meeting the wrong men?

Has sex become a dreaded chore? Unable to orgasm?

Are you a people pleaser? Sick of putting everyone else’s needs before your own?

Do you crave to feel uncontrollably desired by your man?

Do you wish to live every day feeling radiant, light and on top of the world?

I can help!


Together we’ll work on releasing any limiting beliefs, self doubts or disempowering conditioning so that you can step into the shoes of the desired, confident and magnificent woman you were born to be. Are you ready to step into your power and start manifesting the love, sex, relationships and life you know you are so worthy of having?

Are you ready to say yes to your dream life?

You’ll be held in a safe space and guided by me with nothing but loving presence and compassion. This is a space you can come to and open up completely, knowing that you will still be loved and accepted no matter what! Nothing is taboo here!

Every session is strictly confidential. I have the utter most respect for your privacy.

Sessions are NOT be held in a teacher/ student dynamic. Instead it’s looked at as a partnership where you’ll work together as a team, resulting in greater self-love, integration and self-realisation. Instead of depending on me as a coach you’ll be empowered with a set of tools you can use throughout life and as you need them. You’ll become completely independent in achieving your individual sex, love and relationship desires.

1:1 sessions are generally 1 hour in length and held over Zoom. 

Every coaching session is transformational and personalised to the current needs of the individual.

“With Asti as my coach for a couple of months I was able to come back to my true inner goddess. Of course yourself and everything around you is part of making this kind of development, but having a coach who shows you what is important is a necessary support when there are struggles in love/life/sexuality. Asti, with her coaching sessions, has driven me to pursue the pleasures of my heart and the pleasures of my pussy. I will be forever thankful to have been able to work with her. She has shown me how to follow my heart at all given moments and she has taught me how to come back to a place of inner peace, that before was hard for me to find. Through the practices we did together in our coaching sessions, I have been given a gift that no one will ever be able to take from me.”

Anonymous goddess - (Hamburg, Germany)





1 x 1.5 hour session.  


1 x 1.5hr rapid tranformation session.

Client notes. 

Take home meditations, journalling prompts, practices, rituals to aid and support transformation. 

Follow up accountability email.

Book in now.  


4 x 1hr sessions.  


4 x 1hr 1:1 coaching sessions.

Client notes. 

Take home meditations, journalling prompts, practices, rituals to aid and support transformation. 

Book in or inquire now.  



The signature VIP coaching package – “Doorway To Desire”. 

Doorway To Desire is a 12 week immersion for women who are ready to say yes to themselves whole-heartedly and who are committed to the deepest and most profound levels of healing and transformation. I offer my devoted support and guidance through these 12 weeks with the intention of creating a safe, supportive and loving container to support powerful and potent sh


So what do we cover?


Weeks 1-3. Letting go of the past – Time to clear out everything that’s no longer serving you. We’ll be working closely with your inner child to rewrite old narratives, limiting beliefs, self doubts, social conditioning and fears. And also heal broken hearts and wounding from past relationships that‘s keeping you from embodying desire. 

Weeks 4-6. Building supportive foundations – Time to build an inner ecology of love, safety and belonging. These are your basic human needs and the foundations to support you in thriving in any way. You’re whole life you’ve dulled yourself and your feminine flame down in order to have these needs met, the trick here is to offer them to yourself, then you can do, have or be ANYTHING! Including the most desirable version of you.

Safety is also key in the psychological process of being able to orgasm (which we cover further on).

You’ll also adopt a higher level of self-love and worthiness which will ultimately ensure you feel nothing less than desired and get treated nothing less than a queen.

Weeks 7-9. The becoming – time to feel yourself come alive as the upgraded version of yourself. You’ll be taken through an energy activation process to feel the energies of desire come alive within you on the deepest levels so you can start to shift the narratives you hold around yourself to ultimately upgrade your identity.

Weeks 10-12. Future you – time to start manifesting your future! Depending on where you’re at we’ll start working on building a more conscious relationship with your partner or manifesting a new one. We’ll cover some pleasure building practices and orgasm expanding techniques so you can peak to the ultimate levels of sexual desire. 


Unsure if you’re going to be a fit for the programme?

Got some niggling questions?

Unsure which package is right for you?

Let’s jump on an introductory call so you can get complete clarity on what you’re signing up for. 

“I was immediately made to feel at ease from the moment Asti introduced herself.  She has a very calming energy and created a really safe space from the outset which enabled me to trust and open up more than I ever expected to. She was very quick to help me to pinpoint what area I wanted to work on and wasted no time in getting down to the real core of the problem in creative ways.  

Asti guided me so cleverly and calmly through the journey.  Her perspectives were very enlightening and gave me a much deeper and broader understanding.

Asti is an amazing, natural coach. She had the clarity, the calmness, the warmth and the wisdom to help guide me to explore and overcome my inner-most personal issues.”

Athene - (Mallorca, Spain)

“Asti is a very patient and benevolent lady who never judges you or anything which creates a safe space for your to express your deepest feelings in a trustworthy environment. Therefore, her sessions have enabled me to process and deal with feelings of guilt, and a lot of trapped emotions that I wasn’t even aware of. Following each of her session I was left with a feeling of lightness and relief that definitely helped me to move on from my past relationship. I have also purchased a Jade Egg and thanks to the tutorials and her coaching sessions, I have learned to listen to my body and its sensations which has enabled me to feel much more grounded and present. Even though starting such a therapy process might have a cost, I really consider it to be a worthy investment as it has definitely affected all the aspects of my life and not only my sexuality. As a conclusion if you’re interested in booking sessions with Asti I would genuinely recommend you do it.”

Nelly - (Paris, France)

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