Do you want to become the boldest, most beautiful, alive and vibrant version of yourself?

Do you want to be tapped into in a sense of unstoppable confidence, self-assurance and worthiness that you can take with you from sex and relationships all the way to business and birth? 

I’m guessing since you’re here you feel that something is missing.
Life is missing that certain sparkle..

Let me let you in on a little secret - it’s because your pussy has been switched off and your heart is shut down.

The feminine does not chase, she does not ‘get’, she receives and that is her superpower. 

As a little girl, you were taught that your innate sexual essence is dirty, wrong or shameful, so as a way to cope with the heavy emotions attached to those experiences you shut that part of yourself down. 

Throughout your life, you’ve had your heartbroken, people have hurt you and let you down. To protect your heart from being broken any further you’ve put an energetic wall up that blocks anyone from coming in. 

And although this disconnection and shut down may be protecting you from what you don’t want.

It’s blocking you from accessing the very thing you do. 

Deep love and boundless pleasure, baby. 

See shutting off your sexual essence may allow you to escape from the shame you’re carrying ‘down there’ but it also disconnects you from your vibrancy, your creativity and your turn on for life. 

Having a wall up around your heart may protect you from further heartbreak but it’s also going to keep out ‘the one’ who could potentially be the love of your life. 

And one thing I know to be true is that as women, it is our ability to give and receive love that creates a life that is worth living. 

In Open And Receive, you’ll be guided to let down these energetic walls, free yourself from emotional residue from your past, come back into your body and surrender open to receive more pleasure in sex and more love in your relationships.


let me explain...

This is for the woman that…

Feels lost, confused, stuck and unsure of her purpose. 

Is insecure and tired of always second-guessing herself.

Is sick of attracting ‘bad-boys’, ‘fuck-boys’ and the same old men (or women) who are toxic, abusive or unemotionally available.

Is recovering from heartbreak (either recent or from toxic family patterns and childhood trauma).

Feels disconnected from sisterhood and unable to build nourishing soul connections with friends. 

 Is a people pleaser and exhausted of always putting herself last.

Craves to be met at deeper levels of love and intimacy.

Desires to be seen, honoured and fully accepted in her truth

Wants to feel deeply connected to and free in her body and within her sexuality.

Wants to be able to make decisions and take inspired action that is in alignment with love, soul and what truly serves her and helps her to thrive in sex, relationships, business and life.

Did you know the heart has its own consciousness separate from the brain?

In fact, the heart is home to 40,000 special cells called sensory neurones similar to those in the brain, so not only does it have its own consciousness, it’s able to learn, think and remember independently from the neurones in the brain. In modern society, we live in a very ‘heady’ masculine world based on logic, planning, strategy and ‘doing’ and have been very heavily conditioned to see the world through the brain.

When we learn to bring our awareness from our head (and ego) and into our heart space (soul) we also disconnect from the limiting beliefs, self-doubts, negative thoughts and conditioning we house there. When we live from our heart space we can do anything, we literally become unstoppable.

Our heart (disconnected from all limiting bullish*t) knows what’s right for us. When we are able to connect to our heart we can connect to our inner guidance, innate intuition and wisdom that allows us to make clear decisions and take action in alignment with what truly serves us.

That is why they say ‘follow your heart’. 


I gained confidence in actually initiating sexual interactions with partners and asking for what I want. 


I have learnt to surrender to pleasure and get out of my head and back into my body. I’ve learnt how powerful it is to listen to and honour your body and pussy’s feelings. Most importantly I have learnt to have strong as fuck boundaries and know how to say no when my body isn’t ready”

My libido, sex drive and sensitivity has dramatically increased and pleasure is now flowing through my body all day long. I desire and serve myself first before anyone or anything. Sooooo much LOVE.


I’m still buzzing from the whole 8 weeks and how much I have changed.


It really is all thanks to you, providing the best information and practices that really has made me do a 180 with the way I view and appreciate my body and pleasuring myself. Literally life-changing.

This whole experience has been amazing. I’m so happy I said yes to myself and decided to commit to the most wonderful journey of a lifetime. The biggest shift has been caring less about the acceptance of others. Knowing that I am enough just as I am. I finally feel enough!


All of your self-doubts, limiting beliefs, toxic patterns, wounding and trauma stem from a lack of love or perception it wasn’t there, so meeting these pain points with love is key for transformation.

Love is the greatest healing mechanism. Love is the only cure.⁣

When you love yourself you have a sense of being perfect, whole and complete. It supports you in blossoming open into your innate power and unique beauty and charm.⁣ The greatest cause of human suffering is not believing we are not enough, it holds you back from expressing yourself fully, from speaking your truth and from losing yourself to sexual deliciousness. With your mind full of self-doubts you’re unable to enjoy the present moment fully.

Love is the greatest human need, and if you’re not offering it to yourself you will do anything to get it, including staying in toxic or abusive relationships and dulling your light to fit in with society's standards and boring AF social norms.
When you are embodied in love, you can finally thrive!⁣⁣ You don’t care what anyone else thinks of you because you love yourself and that is all that matters.

self-love is a superpower

Open to Love

Heal your heart from past hurt and open to the most exquisite experiences of love and self-love. 



√ You keep attracting partners that aren't emotionally available.
√ You want to meet your partner at deeper levels of love and intimacy.
√ You don't feel fully seen in your relationship.
√ You have trouble expressing your truth and feeling understood.
√ You're craving more soul level fulfilling connections.
√ You feel closed off to the magic and opportunity around you.
√ You're coming out of a recent break-up.
√ You have people pleaser or co-dependent tendencies.
√ You're afraid of rejection.
√ You want to surrender into being > Stop worrying about what's next and be present in the moment.
√ You wish to be able to manoeuver disagreements with grace and ease.
√ You want to swap your 'I'm not good enough' thoughts for queen vibes.


Opening the Container
Intention Setting + Aligning with Love


WEEK ONE  Healing heart wounds
WEEK TWO Timeline regression
WEEK THREE Radical self-love
WEEK FOUR Open to receive love


Closing the Container
Sharing | Celebrations | Q+A

Open to Pleasure

Overcome painful, uncomfortable or numb sex, activate your pussy and tap back into pleasure!

PART two


√ You find yourself up in your head during sex.
√ You experience shame within your sexuality or towards the way your body looks.
√ You experience pain or discomfort during sex.
√ You struggle to orgasm.
√ You want to feel more alive, vibrant, juicy and turned on every day.
√ You're lacking creativity, passion and inspiration.
√ You're overcoming sexual trauma or birth trauma.
√ Sex feels numb.
√ You want to feel comfortable and confident in the skin you're in.
√ You're learning to accept having an sti.
√ You're ready to start prioritising pleasure like the queen you are!
√ You're ready to start accessing high-vibe emotional states from within.


Opening the Container
Intention Setting + Aligning with Love


WEEK ONE  Overcoming Shame
WEEK TWO Letting Go of Past Lovers
WEEK THREE No More Painful Sex - Sexual Healing
WEEK FOUR Pleasure Embodiment


Closing the Container
Sharing | Celebrations | Q+A

As a child, you were a natural healer. If at any time you became afraid or sad, you would find comfort and safety with a caregiver, let yourself cry or have a mini tantrum and be back to harmony playing in joy again moments later.

But as you got older you were told this behaviour wasn’t acceptable. Instead of crying, you bottled it up and continued. But play didn’t feel so joyful because the moment was tainted with emotional residue of fear or sadness from the past.

And it still is this way.

You keep bringing your past into your future, letting what’s already happened to determine what happens next.

It creates patterns of attracting emotionally unavailable lovers, toxic or abusive partners, cheating or inability to experience orgasm. 

If you want to receive more in relationships and sex you need to let go of everything that’s not in alignment with love and pleasure. 

It's time to heal your past & rewrite your future!