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Pleasure Codes is here!


Do you want to expand your experience of orgasm and radiate from your internal source of divine pleasure?

In Pleasure Codes, leading female sexuality expert Asti Maree guides you through 33 powerful and potent tips that will help you release sexual shame and conditioning, come back home into your body, discover your personal pleasure road map and create a life that turns you on!



Are you ready to reconnect to pussy, reembody pleasure and reclaim your power?

Dubbed by one reader ‘The pussy bible’

Before this book, I was scared to show my body or even explore it myself. 


I saw self-pleasure as a way to escape and now I see it as a way to truly connect to my body and give it love. I have gained confidence in initiating sexual interactions with partners and asking for what I want. I have learnt to surrender to pleasure by getting out of my head and back into my body. I’ve learnt how powerful it is to listen to and honour my body and pussy’s feelings. Most importantly I have learnt to have strong as fuck boundaries and know how to say no when my body isn’t ready"

Is your sex life feeling a little more ‘meh’ than ‘ohhhh yeeeeah’?

is life feeling a little bland?

Maybe you weren’t aware that the disconnection from your orgasmic essence was the reason for life feeling a little flat, but you’ve definitely noticed it in the bedroom. You have sex on his terms to keep him happy.

You do it to save face so he doesn’t start questioning what’s wrong. It’s begun to feel like a chore. You’re not begging for it like you used to, instead you could take it or leave it. You end up rolling over, feeling empty and unsatisfied, wondering what you’re doing wrong, why your body isn’t working.

Maybe you do orgasm the majority of the time, but you have a deep knowing that there is more available to you. 

It almost feels incomplete and leaves you feeling empty. Maybe you’re addicted to your vibrator, can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation, or have become bored of relying on that same old trusty position or fantasy.

Maybe you’re stuck as to why you can orgasm so easily on your own, but not with a partner (or vice versa). Maybe you’re one of the many women that have never experienced orgasm even though you’re one hundred and ten percent turned on during sex, or maybe sex itself isn’t pleasurable in the slightest.

Wherever you’re at, I just want you to know that you are normal and you’re NOT broken...but also, I’ve got you covered girl.

GRAB pleasure codes TODAY!


This book comes with some dangerously sexy side effects:

The more deeply you connect with yourself, the more you fall in love with yourself!

The more you’re able to get your own sexual needs met the more you become miss independent! (No more staying in relationships ‘just because’)

The way you make love to yourself sets the foundation for how others will make love to you - hello rockin’ sex life!

The more you anchor a state of pleasure in your body, the more you’ll feel comfortable in your body. Newfound body confidence, yes, please!

Connecting to your innate source of pleasure makes you feel more healthy, alive and vibrant.

Experiencing high peaks of pleasure and mind-blowing, delicious orgasms will support you to feel more empowered as a woman. 

Orgasmic energy has a deep quality of abundance to it, so it not only helps you feel incredible, but it also supports you in doing and attracting incredible things. Ultimately, it gives you the power to manifest and create a whole life that turns you on!

I honestly cannot thank Asti enough. She has helped me transform how I see myself, how I feel and how I show up to the world. 

kate, 30

 I feel like I’m actually a vibrational match for my goals and dreams. I have never explored and loved my body so much and I can’t wait to continue to tap into this pleasure and turned on state in everyday life.

She’s the perfect balance of elegance and sluttiness. Asti is an NZ born, Australian living, former team clear heels (stripper), who was once crowned ‘Miss Erotic Australia’, turned female empowerment expert. 

Her superpower is bringing a sense of purity even to the most taboo subjects. Using a combination of spiritual practices and logic modern psychology, Asti helps women drop the shame they hold around their sexuality, so they can come back home into their bodies and use their innate sensual radiance to manifest conscious relationships, limitless love, and sex that sets their mind, body and soul on fire.


I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed creating it!

xoxo, Asti


$5 from your purchase is donated directly to Qendo.

As you commit to reclaiming your feminine power and sensual pleasure you support women affected by endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, infertility or pelvic pain, to do the same. 

Qendo is on a mission to support the one in nine people who are diagnosed with endometriosis so they can take control of their health. Thank you for supporting this incredible organisation and the millions of people affected by endo. 

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