2020 – A Beautiful Existence.

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– A 30 min ‘BEAUTIFUL EXISTENCE’ audio teaching.

– ‘VIBING HIGH’ – energy upgrade meditation.

– ‘DANCE IN YOUR DESIRES’ – worthiness activation audio practice.

– ‘JUST BE’ – ground and surrender into receiving practice guide.

– JOURNALLING PROMPTS and inwards reflections.

So, I’ve got something super refreshing for you!

Instead of stepping into 2020 putting the pressure on yourself with a bunch of New Year resolutions.. (that never happen anyway).

Why not start 2020 in a state of abundance!!

In the state of already being enough!!

2020 is the year of ‘a beautiful existence’.

The year of..

Less doing, more being.
Less self pressure, more self pleasure.
Less chasing, more celebrating.

I want to share some heart-warming advice that will honestly feel like a weight has been lifted.

I’m here to remind you that you already are enough, you are already worthy, you should already be giving yourself permission to be joyful NOW! Not after you tick off those New Year resolutions of yours.

Starting your year from this place of already being enough, you can surrender to the beauty in every single moment, and all the spaces in between, allowing your entire journey through 2020 to be one giant celebration.

Stop pushing!

It’s time to flow graciously through life, and towards your desires with so much fucking ease!!!

This is the true expression of the feminine. She does not chase.

And I’m saying a big HELL YEAH to that next year! If you’re with me this is an invitation to join in on the fun and this beautiful new way of existing.




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