Jade Egg

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100% natural and genuine Nephrite Jade.

No chemical treatments or dyeing. They are such high quality, they will last a life time.

Each egg comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Most popular size. For all users. (43mm x 30mm)

Sideways hole drilled at the smaller end of the egg for retrieval cord.

Comes with a packing pouch and certificate of authenticity.

*** Plus two FREE videos – Jade Egg Basics & Simple Self-Love Practise Tutorial.


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9 out of 10 “jade eggs” on the market are fake eggs made of serpentine or onyx, 2 variants of marble stones. There are only 2 types of real jades: Nephrite and Jadeite. All other types of “jades” are jade stimulants.

Being non-porous, jade is one of the safest and most hygienic materials to put inside your vagina. Jade is formed in extreme conditions meaning that is durable enough to be boiled for ultimate cleanliness.

Jade eggs have been used for 5000 years. They originate from Taoism which is a mystical and spiritual tradition from ancient China. The Taoists practised jade egg believing that if a woman exercised the muscles within and brought conscious awareness to her sexual organs, she could harness the full extent of her femininity, cultivate her sexual power and remain healthy, young and strong forever.

Benefits of using a jade egg.
– Offers support to reclaim sexuality, pleasure and erotic feminine power.
– Builds orgasmic potential.
– Builds a deeper, more loving connection with yourself, your partner(s) and the world around you.
– Shifts emotional relationship to sexuality and body whilst removing shame, guilt and fear.
– Strengthens pelvic floor muscles.
– Builds energy. Natural energy booster to fuel life in all aspects.
– Creates a sense of independence and empowerment.
– Offers an incredibly natural and wholistic healing approach: chronic yeast infection, prolapse, healing after birth wounding or issues caused by the birthing process, low libido, dryness, numbness
– Stress release. Gets you out of your head (where we spend most of our time over-thinking and worrying) and into your body.

*Do not use while pregnant.

5 reviews for Jade Egg

  1. Wednesday-blaze

    Just wanting to know info on dates for Sydney FEW and August Bali. I think my phone isn’t letting me see your site and info properly sorry :/
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Wednesday xx

    • admin

      Hello Wednesday. The Body, Love, Confidence workshop is in Adelaide 4th Feb and Sydney 17th Feb. Then we have the Unleash The Goddess retreat in Bali from the 10-15th Aug. If you look under “Live Events” under the menu you’ll find all the information there. Let me know if you have any problems and I will send you a private email with links to more info and ticket sales. Have a beautiful day xoxo Asti

  2. Kate

    I’m in love with my new Jade Egg. And I received it the day after ordering ! So quick! Thank you Asti. I can’t wait to heal my body and drop into my ultimate states of pleasure Xxx

  3. Porculio

    I want 2

  4. Jen

    I am in love with my Jade egg. Thank you so much Asti 🙂

  5. Nelly (verified owner)

    I ordered the Jade Egg from abroad and it was delivered in just a few days. It has fulfilled all my expectations so far. Getting it from Asti is also a guarantee that your Jade Egg is a genuine jade one. Such a worthy investment from a person of trust !

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