Harness the power of your sexual pleasure and use it to manifest limitless potential.

Are you stuck on that never-ending hamster wheel of life, telling yourself.. 

I’ll finally feel successful once I.. 
I’ll finally feel content once I.. 
I’ll finally feel fulfilled once I..

You have all of these wonderful dreams, hopes and desires
but no matter how much you work, chase, push and hustle to get to that destination, you never arrive. 

Well, that's over now babe..  

A life of pleasure and prosperity $$ starts HERE!!!!

Get your sparkle back!!!!!!!


I go into more detail about what you've got to look forward to, but first.. let me give it to you straight!



A 6 month immersion into mastering divine feminine magnetism.

We start 26th May. 

6 x live sex magic practices on the new moon (cameras OFF, sexy ON). 

7 x bi-weekly live activations designed to amplify pleasure and super-charge your alluring magic.



Resistance is a bitch, I get it!. But no practice = no results. In QSB you’ll have someone (me) to dom your ass into submission, holding space for you to surrender like never before. Goodbye resistance and hello an openness to receive.. 



All of ‘the work’ will be live so you’ll be divinely guided, held and supported every single step of the way.  All you’ve got to do is press ‘join call’.



Manifesting alone is fucking powerful! But imagine the power of 30+ women combining their power and their magic to collectively manifest a common goal. Your desire will be pulled in with 30x the magnetic charge.. Fuck yes!! Make it rain bitches!!!!!!



A group of women coming together to manifest together shatters societies paradigms around women and competition. This is an essential step to tapping into abundance and claiming success. For the feminine, competition and success DO NOT go hand in hand. Abundance stems from the knowing that there is enough for everyone. Always.

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Does the thought of never meeting the love of your life, never excelling in your career, never have the money to live your dream lifestyle.... Stress you the fuck out?

There’s your problem!!!

Underlying feminine stress is always aching to feel enough. It’s not really the pay rise, the job title or the biz big deals you’re chasing. It’s the emotional fulfilment that you believe accomplishing these things will give you. You want happiness, joy, love, success, confidence.. All of this really being - enoughness. 

Currently, you’re overwhelming yourself with high expectations and more commitments you can handle, and panicking and exhausting yourself by running around doing ALL OF THE THINGS, believing that once you’ve done enough, you’ll finally feel enough. 

And you’ll be doing this until the day you die if you carry on, because a sense of being enough isn’t found through DOING, it’s a state of BEING. 

That’s where the pleasure aspect of my manifestation process comes in. The ultimate way to stop doing and come into a delicious state of being...Drum roll... Self-pleasure baby.

When your body is turned on by your inner source of pleasure there is no way you’ll ever not feel enough.

..when you feel enough you embody a sense of worthiness that naturally attracts the perfect partner, the money, the house, the success, the holidays etc.. believe in yourself and give other people no choice but to believe in you too.

..there is no more second-guessing yourself so exert yourself 100% and say ‘yes’ more. know your worth and do not settle.

Expand your capacity to feel good!

Expand your capacity to receive more!


So as I mentioned already, the reason we want to manifest certain things into our lives isn’t for that thing per se, it’s for the emotional fulfilment that we believe having that thing will give us. 

But in reality nothing outside of us holds that much power over us. 

We are the controller of our emotions. 

It’s not about getting the thing to experience the emotion. 

The big trick with sex magic is choosing to experience the emotion in order to call in the ‘thing’.

Simply put, when you feel good internally you attract good externally. 

Pleasure allows you to flirt with the future.

Ready to shake up the way you look at life? Like, forever.. 

And I've celebrated (and self-pleasured) my way to owning a multiple 6 figure company and living a life that turns me the fuck on!!

To be honest, when I first started my sexual empowered journey it was all about orgasm.  I had no idea that orgasmic essence was going to offer me so much more than just great sex.

Sexual pleasure doesn’t just transform your sex life, it transforms your entire life!!

It helps you create a life of total turn-on!!

hi! I'm asti Maree

And a life that is worth living!!

I’m sure you can agree that when you have sex (whether alone or with a partner)- you feel amazing and lit up for hours if not days afterwards.

It’s because orgasmic energy is still flowing through your veins. You’re living life as an orgasmic being. It brings you to life! 

There is no doubt that experiencing high peaks of pleasure and mind-blowingly delicious orgasm plays a huge role in how empowered you feel as a woman.

When you’re embodied as an orgasmic being it changes the way you show up to life, which in turn changes the way life shows up for you.
Orgasmic energy helps you feel incredible and it also supports you in doing and attracting incredible things.

Orgasmic energy is the most abundant energy available to you. 

Are you sick of feeling like you’re constantly doing doing doing and getting nowhere?

I know how you feel babe. I’ve been there.

But once I learnt this little secret my entire life changed. 

I became more abundant! And more turned on!

Want to know what it is???

The feminine does not ‘get’, she receives.
It’s not up to you to push and ‘do’ to get to where you want to be.

It’s your job to BE the embodiment of it and this allows you to call in everything you’ve ever dreamt of with grace and ease.
How delicious does that sound?

⟶ Leave a relationship that wasn't serving me.

⟶ Run a multiple 6 figure company in pleasure.

⟶ Work less and spend more time enjoying oceans swims and salty rims (love me a margi).

⟶ Take 5 months 'off'' for personal reasons and still have a steady stream on income (including two $20k weeks).

⟶ Double my income, and double it again.

⟶ Move into a home that I LOVE and call in a whole new sisterhood of incredible women.

Over the last year this work has allowed me to:

Still confused why I keep dropping ‘orgasm’ and ‘manifestation’ in the same sentence?

Your sexual energy is your creative, life force energy. When it's not being used to birth babies, it can be harnessed and used to birth your greatest visions. 

In this program, you’ll learn how to harness this limitless pleasure to anchor into a higher vibrational and emotional state, making you a magnet for money, miracles and more of everything you desire.

This course could change your life!!

Do you want to be connected to your feminine power again?
Do you want to have clarity on your vision and purpose in life?  
Do you want to know that you are in alignment with all that serves you?
Do you want to have more flow and less resistance in your life? 
Do you want to let go of the self-doubts and limiting beliefs that you’re holding on to? 
Are you ready to step into the next best version of yourself?
And manifest better sex, more love and limitless prosperity?


What is sex magic (or orgasmic magnetism)
And how does it work?

Sex magic is a ritualistic process of tapping into and using your sexual, life force and creative energy to amplify the manifestation process. 
A state of sexual bliss and turn on automatically transports you into a state of limitless potential. In a wild, primal, sexual state your cortical mind begins to go 'offline', meaning so does your ego, fears and self-doubts. Making it the perfect space to manifest from because there is literally nothing holding you back.

As women, it’s our sexuality that has been most pulled out of alignment with the social conditional and suppression we have endured. With your sexual energy being your most powerful energy, when this is tapped back into and pulled back into alignment it shifts your entire being into alignment with your original essence. As your internal worlds shift so will your external world, with the manifestation of all of your greatest dreams, visions and desires.

I have gained so much confidence in myself, my body and my sensuality. 


Being supported by the most amazing group of ladies and of course, Asti. I gained clarity on what it is I’m wanting out of life and how to show up as that version of myself.

Sex magic has transformed how I see myself, how I feel and how I show up to the world. 


 I feel like I’m actually a vibrational match for my goals and dreams. I have never explored and loved my body so much and I can’t wait to continue to tap into this pleasure and turned on state in everyday life. Thank you again Asti!

My inner QUEEN is glowing from the inside out. I am feeling vibrant and totally in my feminine energy. I feel so clear on my vision and the path I am on. That I can feel it, taste it and embodied my success and how I am going to serve humanity and the universe.


Some juicy side affects from joining this container....


Learn tools to activate powerful energies within so you can step into the next best version of you. 

⟶ improve your sex life.

Learn to open and surrender your body to sexual pleasure and bliss not just for manifestation but also in SEX!

⟶ love your body again.

Connect to your body in a compassionate and loving way to reassociate it with positive emotions.

You'll be guided to..



Gain complete clarity on your visions and what it is you desire to manifest.



Assess and realign all of your internal limiting beliefs, self-doubts and fears so that you can create new narratives that support you in moving in the direction of your desire. 



Identity upgrade time! Step into the shoes of the woman you believe you need to be in order to have the life you dream of. Set boundaries so you can say yes to what does serve you and no to what doesn’t. Watch your life transform. 



Tap into pleasure and your alluring and magnetic feminine energy and use it to amplify the manifestation process. 



Ground into the present moment, surrender, open to receive, knowing it’s all on its way.



Enjoy the journey by celebrating your way to success.

A woman who is fucked open is open to miracles.