Reclaim your inner seductress for the ultimate and most delicious confidence boost.

Do you secretly wish you had the confidence to dress up in your finest lingerie and sensually and seductively dance around the house to tease and tantalise your man when he walks in from work?

You fantasise over having the power to grab his attention and leave him begging for more. A sense of excitement rushes over you when you picture that look he gives you that lets you know you’re the only one on his mind.

You fear that he’s checking out other woman because you’ve lost the sexy, flirty and sensual spark.

Yet every time you get dressed up or plan one of these sexy surprises you back out and are left feeling disappointed..

That’s where this programme comes in. Secrets Of Seduction is going to give you a step by step guide to very naturally and confidently express your innate seductive self.

Anyone can learn step by step dance moves, but the trick to tapping into your inner seductress isn’t about having the moves, it’s about confidence, feeling safe in your body and giving yourself permission to express your sexuality with love and acceptance. 

No man? No problem.

Let’s be honest ladies.

This isn’t about him, it’s about you.

Yeah it’ll be exciting for him to receive a sexy lap dance from you, what man wouldn’t love that?! But I’m more concerned about you tapping into your seductress powers for your own benefit. Inside is a “seduce yourself” practice guide exactly for this!

If you want to feel sexually confident infront of your partner, you’ve got to feel sexually confident on your own first.

Want to turn him on? Start by learning to turn yourself on.

Ok so those of you that don’t know.. I’m eight years into my stripping ‘careerand have two national showgirl titles under my belt.. I’ve learnt so much on this wild journey and it’s always been my dream to give to other women what stripping gave me..


♥ Confidence to flirt.

♥ Love and acceptance of my body.

♥ Acceptance of my innate sexual essence.

♥ Firm boundaries.

♥ A sense of being ‘enough’.

♥ A deep embodied sense of self worth.

♥ Self assurance.

♥ Fierce and unapologetic self expression.

♥ Independence.

Believe it or not before I reclaimed this seductress inside of me I was incredibly insecure. I remember catching my ex partner watching porn and being absolutely devastated. How was I ever going to be enough for him? I would never compare to these confident, powerful and erotic seductresses..

Now I’m not saying that I (or you) need to act like a stripper or porn star to feel worthy.. It’s just nice to know that these women don’t have anything over you. It’s an innate power that belongs to all women, including you. It’s fun to pull out and play with some of these energies and archetypes in the privacy of your own room (remember it’s all about you).

My whole life I was taught this seductress energy was dirty and shameful. I hid it in myself and so naturally I was triggered by it in others. Much like how you may be triggered about me being a stripper. Most women simultaneously are both super fascinated by it and want to shame the fuck out of me because if it. They relate to me the same way they do their own sexuality. I’m just a mirror for them to see where they need to love themselves more.

Now just to warn you there are some possible side effects from completing these practices including..

♥ A heightened sense of pleasure.

♥ Greater ability to experience orgasm.

♥ A deeper sense of surrender.

♥ A juicy zest for life.

♥ Energy that lights up a room and demands attention.

Tapping into your sensual and sexual energy activates your innate feminine radiance and glow, making you the most beautiful and magnetic version of you.

In Secrets Of Seduction you’ll gain the ability to set firm boundaries and embody a deep sense of safety allowing your body to let go and drift into the most delicious, expansive and blissful states of pleasure. We all desire hot, passionate and wild sex but what I see lacking with most of my clients and the bridge towards reaching these experiences is the emotional connection. So you bet there is a whole lot of focus on that too! Trust, connection and emotional intimacy ohh yess!

So who is your inner seductress?

Your inner seductress is unique to you and your innate sensual and sexual energy.

She’s the expression of your wild, primal, powerful and erotic nature.

She can show up in a smorgasbord of different flavours. She may be playful, sensual, slutty, innocent, sweet, erotic, surrendered, wild.. there are no limits.

She’s the women inside of you that believes in her own self worth, who knows she’s hot as fuck, charming as fuck and desirable as fuck.

She knows how to turn herself on!

She’s unapologetic and bold as fuck!

She’s free in the way that she expresses herself. She moves in a way that feels pleasurable and orgasmic for her.

She’s to thank for those passionate, zesty, lusty and steamy moments.

She’s that piece within you that’s begging to break free from conditioning and society standards.

She wants to push the limits and misbehave.

She’s your inner slut and she’s turned on and excited by all the things you’ve been told ‘good-girls’ don’t do.

What’s included?

Lap dance mastery

♥ Video tutorial – An overview to give you and your man (or friend if you choose) a run through on what deliciousness to expect in the lap dance practice. Gain full understanding of the psychological benefits of the modalities you’ll be using, including; authentic and conscious communication techniques, embodiment of safety, intention setting, voicing boundaries, sensual embodiment, masculine embodiment, space holding (for the person receiving) and sensual dance.

♥ Conscious lap dance practice guide – Be held and supported through the juiciest date night (or girls night, there is no right or wrong way to do this). Connect to your partner on deep levels through the sharing practices to build a profound sense of love, trust and safety to ease you into a fun and simple (and sexy) lap dance. In under 40mins to you’ll be feeling more emotionally supported by and sexually connected to your partner than ever before.

♥ Lap dance video tutorial – A easy and simple step by step guide on how to give a lap dance like a pro. Everything you need to know to release your inner stripper.

Seduce yourself.

♥ Video tutorial – A step by step guide of what to expect in the sexy solo practice. Gain full understanding of the psychological benefits of the modalities you’ll be using including; Intention setting, grounding into safety, permission, self love, sensual touch, energy breath work, orgasmic energy building, dance, self pleasure and the power of gratitude.

♥ Seductress dance meditation audio – It’s time to unleash your erotic self. I know she’s in there. I’ll guide you through a beautiful process of tapping into your sexual and sensual energy so you can use it to turn yourself on and fill yourself up with passion, love, lust and pleasure. Come to understand that your body and your pleasure is for you, and you don’t need to rely on a man to validate you, to make you feel worthy, sexy or erotic. This power is yours and you can tap into it at any time to give your whole nervous system a total upgrade. Hello vibrancy, aliveness, creativity and a turn on for life! Not to mention an embodiment of the most desirable and magnetic version of you yet!

♥ Sexy floor work tutorial – A step by step guide of my all time favourite sexy and seductive floor work moves. Roll around with me on the floor or your bed as you loose yourself to the majesty of your own body. Learn to make shapes with your body that enhance your natural beauty and curves so you can look just as insanely, drop dead gorgeous on the outside as you feel on the inside. We’ll also add some mirror work so you can play around with some self-seduction!

♥ The transmission + permission from me to you. As an added bonus I want to give you a video of myself moving and getting lost in my own sensuality and turn on. My intention here is for you to receive permission which society doesn’t want you to have. Use it to channel my energy. You are safe, you are loved and you will still be accepted by myself (and all of the other ladies here) no matter how wild you let yourself go.. I promise. You can be erotic and loved!!! You can have, be and do it all!


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