I used to wonder why every other woman seemed to be having these hard, fast, uncontrollably wild orgasms that exploded out of nowhere.. By ‘every other woman” I mean the ones I saw in movies or in porn.

Eventually, I realised I had totally been missing the point. I had never had any proper education on female pleasure or orgasm and the ones I was chasing were not only FAKE but they showed women acting out orgasms based on a man’s orgasmic model with the intention to turn HIM on.

As women, we have so much more available to us. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this flavour of orgasm but it’s not the ultimate, the best or one to put on a pedestal. There are many flavours of orgasm, each being just as delicious as the other.
When you google ‘orgasm’… the climax of sexual excitement, characterized by intensely pleasurable feelings centred in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation.

But what really makes an orgasm is these three components...

√ Sensation (usually pleasure)
√ Expansion or movement of energy through the body
√ Mind shift (an altered experience of surrender, emptiness, stillness, spirituality etc..)

And as long as you’ve got these three ingredients – you’ve got an orgasm! Tadaa! There doesn’t have to be a peak, it doesn’t necessarily need to be sexual or located in the genitals and (for men, if they’re reading) it’s something completely separate from ejaculation.

Orgasms can be:

⟶ Soft and gentle bliss like a running stream
⟶ Quick and explosive like a volcano
⟶ Surrendered and still, like a peaceful lake
⟶ Continuous waves of rippling ecstasy like soft wind through the forest trees
⟶ Explosion after explosion like waves rolling in from the ocean

We are capable of endless varieties of pleasure, sensation and mind-altering states. Once I let go of the orgasm I had been chasing, I gave an opportunity for it to show up in ways I had never expected.

Orgasm is not something that happens to you, it’s something that is you. It’s a state of being.

Stop focusing on how you think it’s going to show up, slow down, back up and surrender to the endless possibilities of what could show up. Release expectation and you’ll be surprised at what deliciousness your body-mind will present you.

As obsessed as we are with sexuality, our society has lost touch with how grand it really is, discredited it and reduced it down to a mere act. 

It’s more than that! 

It’s energy
It’s vibrancy
It’s pleasure
It’s desire 
It’s presence 
It’s connection 
It’s magnetism 
It’s healing
It’s medicine 
It’s aliveness
It’s a life force! 


Here's What You Get:

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