Are you ready to seduce the universe into providing you with all of your hearts desires?

The Pleasure Portal is an 8-week journey peeling back the heavy, protective layers of false identities, societal standard and other peoples expectations so you can come back home to the majesty of your body and your soft, sensual, sexy feminine essence. 

Round 3 will be disembarking on the 19 Oct!



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This group coaching program is for the woman who...

⟶ Feels lost, confused, stuck and unsure of your purpose. 
⟶ Is insecure and tired of always second guessing herself. 
⟶ Knows something is missing in life but can’t put her finger on it. 
⟶ Feels disconnected from her body and the magic of life. 
⟶ Is disconnected from sisterhood and longing for nourishing soul connections. 
⟶ Is a people pleasure and exhausted of always putting herself last. 
⟶ Craves to be met at deeper levels of love and intimacy. 
⟶ Desires to be seen. Honoured and fully accepted in her truth. 
⟶ Wants to be able to make decisions and take inspired action that is in alignment with love, soul and what truly supports her to thrive in sex, love, relationships and life. 
⟶ Who is done with wasting time and is ready to call in her dream life with more flow and ease.


Over 8 weeks we’ll have 8 live calls together covering the following topics...



Fast track the manifestation of your desires by embodying the dream version of yourself today! Become an energetic match for all that serves you!



Embody an internal sense of love so you can stop worrying about what other people think and spend more time living your best life!


Overcoming self-doubts, fear & blocks

Unravel and rewrite your unconscious self-doubts and limiting beliefs so you can move forward with grace and ease as the most bold and unapologetic version of yourself. 



Build a healthy and loving relationship with your body so you can come back home into your feminine essence, sensuality and sexuality, as well as your body’s natural powers of innate wisdom and intuition


Trauma release

Let go of trapped emotion and residue from past traumatic experiences or conditioning and step back into the majesty of what living in a female body is meant to be.Ground into the present moment and open to receive, knowing it’s all on its way.



Step into the ultimate queen vibration. Set and protect your personal boundaries with elegance and grace. Demand respect and get all of your needs met.



Learn tips and tricks that will spark desire, increase pleasure, activate internal glow and radiance and allow you to connect more deeply to yourself, your partner(s) and the world around you. Reclaim your turn on for life!!!


Orgasmic magnetism and manifestation

Cultivate your life force energy and use it to create and birth all if your wildest projects, visions and desires. 


I am now owning my sexuality.

 I acknowledge and explore it. I like my body now. I am living more 'in the moment' and not putting so much pressure on myself or any situations but trying to make them something they're not. I am freeing myself from my past

Coming out of TPP I am my own source of love, safety and belonging so no matter what happens externally and with others

I will always be ok because my foundational needs are met by myself and cannot be taken away. This also means that I can show up confidently because my internal world is built on a solid foundation irrespective of what happens in my external world. I’m also free from competing against others because I don’t have to compete for love; love begins with ourselves and it’s abundant.

It was amazing!

I'm so happy I invested that money in myself. Benefitted me, my relationship and my career path.

I now realise how much power my womb has and how I can use that to create and manifest anything I want.

It makes me show up much more positive, do less negative self-talk and be much more understanding, tolerant and kind with other people.


Do you feel life has lost its sparkle?

Are you going through the same loop de loop of habitual patterns?

Do you like the sound of living a pleasure-filled life but not really sure how or where to start?

Are you feeling disconnected from your ability to source creativity, inspiration and magic?

Do you feel like you’re pushing instead of flowing?

Are you constantly in a do do do go go go state and never really connected to the now?

Are you ready to open yourself up to miracles around you?

it starts now!