8 week group coaching programme starting 9th Feb!

This online programme is for the woman that…

♥ Feels lost, confused, stuck and unsure of her purpose. 

♥ Is insecure and tired of always second-guessing herself.

♥ Knows something is missing in life, but can’t put her finger on it.

♥ Is sick of sex feeling like a chore

♥ Feels disconnected from sisterhood and longing for nourishing soul connections with friends. 

♥ Is a people pleasure and exhausted of always putting herself last.

♥ Craves to be met at deeper levels of love and intimacy. 

♥ Desires to be seen, honoured and fully accepted in her truth. 

♥ Wants to feel deeply connected to and free in her body and within her sexuality.

♥ Wants to be able to make decisions and take inspired action that is in alignment with love, soul and what truly helps her to thrive in sex, relationships, business and life. 

♥ Who is done with wasting time and is ready to call in her dream life with complete feminine flow and ease.

Tapping into your orgasmic power is your greatest resource and key to living your best life – stop giving away your power!

Your pussy will be so activated and turned on you won’t know what to do with it.. 

..except you’ll know exactly what to do with it because you’ll also be gifted the tools to cultivate this energy and to transmute it into the confidence, self-assurance and power you need to step into the pleasure activated reality of infinitive potential.

Peel back the heavy, protective layers of false identities, societal standards and other people’s expectations so you can back home to the majesty of your body and your soft, sensual, sexy feminine essence.

How you show up in sex is how you show up in life..

As the feminine one of our greatest super powers is the power of surrender..

Conscious sexuality will teach you that the road to orgasm isn’t chasing orgasm itself but merely surrendering to each sensation of pleasure in each and every moment. Your power isn’t in controlling or forcing, it’s in the letting go and being present to the moment, only then will you receive and experience the highest peaks of orgasmic bliss. 

The same rule applies when trying to call in personal desires, whether a dream man, job, money, new car.. your manifestations will only come to fruition once you surrender to life’s path while being present to and grateful for the now. 

Only once you surrender can you open yourself up to the majesty that is life and sex.

And no doubt, if you’re not receiving experiences of delicious sexual pleasure highs, there is probably a whole lot more you’re not receiving in your day to day life..

If you’re putting his pleasure before yours you’re probably putting everyone else’s needs, wants, dreams and desires before yours too.

Because how you show up to sex is a reflection of how you show up to life..

Once you learn to keep the demands of the outer world at bay, your energy is no longer intruded. You can then connect more deeply to your inner intuition which tells you what ‘thriving’ looks like to you.

The more you can say ‘no’ to others, the more you can say ‘yes’ to you and your desires meaning the more time and energy you can give them and the greater your ability to thrive.

“Your sexual energy is your creative life force energy. When it’s not being used to birth babies, it can be used to birth all of your wildest dreams, visions and desires out into the world”. 


Every week you’ll receive:

♥ A live workshop/ training (1-2hrs).

♥ A live group practice/ meditation/ ritual (30min-1hr).

♥ A downloadable audio guide – yours to keep.

♥ VIP ladies receive 2x 1:1 session throughout the duration of the programme. (1hr each)

**All live video calls are recorded and can be rewatched in your own time. So making the live calls isn’t necessary. 

What we’ll cover..

♥ Week 1 – CLARITY & EMBODIMENT – Fast-track the manifestation of your desires by becoming the dream version of yourself today!

♥ Week 2 – FOUNDATIONS TO THRIVE – Embody an internal sense of love, safety and belonging so you can stop wasting time worrying about what other people think and spend more time living your best life!

♥ Week 3 – OVERCOMING FEAR AND UNCONSCIOUS BLOCKS – Unravel and rewrite your unconscious self-doubts and limiting beliefs so you can move forward with grace and ease as the boldest and unapologetic version of yourself.

♥ Week 4 – BODY LOVE AND ANATOMY – Build a healthy and loving relationship with your body so you can come back home into your feminine essence, sensuality and sexuality, as well as your body’s natural powers of innate wisdom and intuition.

♥ Week 5 – TRAUMA RELEASE – Let go of trapped emotion and residue from past traumatic experiences or conditioning and step back into the majesty of what living in a female body is meant to be.

♥ Week 6 – WORTHINESS & BOUNDARIES – Step into the ultimate queen vibration. Set and protect your personal boundaries with elegance.  Demand respect and get all of your needs met.

♥ Week 7 – PLEASURE & ORGASM –  Learn secret tips and tricks that will spark desire, increase pleasure, activate internal glow and radiance and allow you to connect more deeply to yourself, your partner(s) and the world around you.

 ♥ Week 8 – SEX MAGIC & MANIFESTATION – Ultimate sexual mastery. Learn how to cultivate your sexual energy and use it to create and birth all of your wildest projects, visions and desires.

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