Prepare to have you heart ravished...

I see you..

I know you're craving more from men. 

You're longing more love, more intimacy, more connection, more appreciation, more depth, more romance, more passion.. 

You're just wanting MORE!

Here's the thing.. 

The relationships that you have with men are a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself..

..your experiences with men are manifested through your internal web of conditioned thoughts and beliefs and the narratives you carry around who you believe you are and what you feel you deserve. 

The good news here is that you have the power to change all of that!!

If you're ready to upgrade your love life, it's time to take responsibility. 

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who chooses herself!!!!

• Free yourself from neediness and looking for a partner to complete you.

• Become a master at spotting red flags so you can stop wasting your time with men that don’t deserve you. 

• Reclaim your feminine magnetism, flirt with ease and confidence. 

• Hold strong boundaries to ensure you never feel used or manipulated by men again. 

• Break patterns of attracting avoidant, emotionally unavailable men and attract the love you deserve. 

• Embody a deep level of self-worth that’ll raise the bar and never have you settling for breadcrumbs again.

• How to have ‘the talk’ and establish a relationship without it feeling awkward.

Looking for love?

• Learn how to inspire him to step up and meet you in the depths of love and intimacy you long for. 

• Stop repeating the same arguments, communicate effectively and feel seen and understood by your partner. 

• Escape the loop-de-loop of stagnancy and sameness in the relationship and reclaim a sense of spontaneity, playfulness and passion.

• Tap into your feminine magnetism and feel utterly desired by him. 

• Hold strong boundaries and feel appreciated in the relationship. 

• Ensure you’re always on the same page by expressing your needs and desires effortlessly. No more disappointments or resentment!

• Surrender, let go of control and trust your man to take the lead. 

•  Heal inner child wounding around men and relationships. Crack open and allow him to fully penetrate your heart. 

Looking to deepen your love?

Looking for love?

You can't commit to extraordinary love while settling for bare minimum. 

Call 1: Worthiness + self-love. 

It’s time to break down the core childhood wounds that are impacting your relationship or have you repeating patterns in your dating life. No more avoidant, emotionally unavailable men nuh-uh honey! Become a self-validating queen and naturally demand more respect from men.

Gain understanding of your attachment style and learn tools to overcome anxious or avoidant tendencies. Say goodbye to on again, off again, hot and cold patterns and hello to secure and consistent love! 

Master your triggers and become the queen of communication. Learn to turn every trigger into an opportunity to open, be seen and build deeper levels of intimacy and connection. No more allowing your past to determine what comes next.

Understand what he’s thinking, what he wants, how he feels loved and how you can crack him open to meet you on deeper levels of intimacy. Inspire him to lead like a king!!

Hosted by Justin from The Alpha Code Academy.

Build more sexual polarity and become magnetic to men by leaning into your feminine energy. Surrender your heart and devote yourself to pleasure. 

Call 2: Attachment styles. 

Call 3: Emotional Maturity.

Call 4: Understanding men.

Call 5: Sex and pleasure

What do you want?

Get clear on your values, become a master at spotting red flags and forget everything you know about dating, it’s time to create new rules! Get clear on what you desire and expect from your partner (men aren’t mind readers).

Build unstoppable confidence! Set boundaries effortlessly. And express your true, raw, vulnerable, authentic self with ease. Get your needs met and be appreciated for being the true you! (It just hits different). 

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You want a man to commit to you?
You've got to commit to yourself.

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