1:1 Transformational Coaching Sessions.

Do you want to learn to tap into your most desirable, magnificent and confident self so you can attract the type of love, sex, relationships and life that turns you on!!? Integrated Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching. Certified from The Tantric Institute Of Integrated Sexuality. 


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An 8 week group coaching programme into the realms of out of this world pleasure! For the woman who wants to be able to make decisions and take inspired action that is in alignment with love and soul. Find true pleasure in sex, relationships, business and life – Click to find out more.

Speaking + Events

Meeting and working with women in person is what truely lights me up. I love creating space for women to feel safe and supported to share their raw and authentic stories, pain, trauma and desires, giving them a space to FINALLY be seen – nothing is taboo in my sacred spaces. 

My favourites topics of conversation/ shifts I support in women:

  • Self Love + Body Confidence.
  • Worthiness. 
  • Sexual Trauma Healing. 
  • Pleasure + Orgasm. 
  • Conscious Relationships. 
  • Personal Empowerment – Boundaries And Asking To Get Needs Met.
  • Alignment, Manifestation.
  • Running A Successful Business From Feminine Flow

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“Hey hun, I just wanted to let you know that ever since I met you and did that workshop it has helped me out immensely. I’m having incredible orgasms and have connected with my partner again after being on the rocks for some time.”


“On a frigid day at the end of Summer, a festival took place in the mountains of Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand. Workshops of all types were held as people came together to connect. With one another, nature, dance, music and bliss.  One workshop stood out to me in my festival experience; Reclaiming Sexy by Asti Maree.  As many woman took their places underneath a naked Tipi structure with mountains in the background, Asti took to the stage with sparkly gumboots and a sure smile. I instantly warmed to her and even more so as she began to speak from her heart about her journey into the work she now did, as a Women’s Empowerment Coach. As Asti opened up and shared her story, with raw honesty as well as integrity, I saw the audience at first, become triggered then move through to identifying with aspects in Asti’s words-powerful to witness and be a part of. Space was opened to discuss uncomfortable truths which ultimately hold no more power over us if we can collectively shine a light on them. Asti did this in her powerful workshop at Biophilia festival, Moke Lake – the workshop ran, unofficially, for another 2 hours afterwards as women hung out with Asti having deep conversation and learning about the stunning collection of sex toys and healing tools that Asti also has on offer, bringing a sense of freedom and fun, empowerment and sensual enjoyment to her workshop. Reclaiming Sexy held space for discussion that was transformative and healing. We were invited to move our bodies in ways which gave us the opportunity to express, we screamed, howled, laughed and some of us cried. At the end we enjoyed learning more about how to empower ourselves sexually which certainly added another level to the workshop experience! Reclaiming Sexy was a highlight of the festival for me and it was clear that many other women felt very much the same. “

Private Sex Toy and Empowerment Parties.

For my Sydney Ladies.. How frikin juicy is this!… ⁣

Have me come to your birthday party / hens party or whatever celebration you’re throwing to share with you and your girl gang all the hottest sex tips, tricks and secrets.

Learn how to use conscious sex toys to enhance pleasure and orgasm, cultivate self love and confidence and become the most desirable and radiant version of yourself, as you activate your raw, primal, feminine energy. All in the comfort of your own home and surrounded by your closest girl-friends.⁣ . 

Together we can design the perfect party package for you and your girlfriends depending on what you are interested in or want to focus on. Topics I’m passionate about and love covering include confidence, self love, worthiness, manifestation, relationships. Or we can stick to the standard yet juicy ‘sex toy party’. 

What a night!⁣ 

The bride to be / birthday girl will also be given a FREE pack with all of the essential pleasure treasures. Worth over $500!!!

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Private VIP Day Retreat Experience.

Are you ready to rewrite your life and commit to living as the best version of you? ⁣⁣

Introducing… “WOMAN REWRITTEN” …..a days devotion to fierce feminine activation and transformation. ⁣

A luxury day escape and intimate retreat experience. ⁣

Indulge in an entire day catered to YOU!⁣⁣

Work 1:1 with me as I offer you my devoted support to ensure your most potent, powerful and rapid transformation in up-leveling your identity on all levels.

An intensive session of cracking open and going deep within to heal and realign on energetic and emotional levels to release shame and conditioning around your sexuality, body and being a woman. Come back home to a body steeped with confidence and activated with a sense of power, beauty, pleasure, desire and unstoppable self worth. ⁣⁣

Step into your magnificence! ⁣⁣

Then capture this self-reflected glow with a photoshoot intended to celebrate you, your innate authenticity and your own flavour of what it means to be a sexually empowered women. ⁣⁣

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  • 5 hours of 1:1 transformative coaching 
  • Delicious lunch 
  • A champagne celebration
  • Professional hair and makeup makeover  ⁣⁣
  • Boudoir photoshoot + 10 professionally edited photos 
  • A nights accomodation in a 5 star hotel 
  • 2x 1 hour follow up coaching sessions⁣⁣

“Thank you thank you thank you. Your insights and perspectives are so unique and profoundly powerful. Thank you for holding space for me to speak my truth in a way that I’ve always been to fearful of in the past. I’m so glad I listened to the pull to invest in myself and you because it has been beyond worth it. I’ve learned so much about myself and continue to.” 

“I wanted to extent the biggest thank you ever. I can not express how much I have gotten out of you in such a short about of time. You’ve brought so much clarity and new perspective into my life and things that were very unconscious and suppressed have been brought to the surface which I have been able to move through and overcome. I can look back now and see the way I approach things differently and how different I am. I feel super light. It was such a profound experience and I’m so thankful to be apart of it. I’m so grateful I’ve often so much out of this and will continue to. I’m so grateful I came across you miraculously xxx”

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